New sports to try in 2023 to keep fit

Every new year is an opportunity to make resolutions. Among the most popular decisions, we always find returning to sports. The latest evidence: 1 in 3 French people say they want to resume physical activity in 2023, according to the Health-sport barometer of the French Federation of Physical Education and Voluntary Gymnastics (FFEPGV) in collaboration with the IPSOS institute. If you really want to stick with it (and we recommend you), discover 5 new sports to try in 2023 to stay in shape.

Swimming cross

the swimming is a discipline that is not new, but whose success is quite recent. This physical activity combines crossfit and swimming with a playful and fun side. The goal? Burn maximum calories, work and tone all muscle groups while having fun. You won’t have time to get bored as swimming cross is characterized by two phases of sports and intense sequences. Some exercises, such as push-ups or squats, are performed outside the pelvis. While others are carried out in or on water, thanks to inflatable devices.

Anyone can take up swimming, but it is still advisable to get a medical opinion before starting. You can practice this discipline at all Recrea water centers.

Strong training camp

If you are a fan training camp We’ve discovered a slightly more extreme version of this discipline to challenge you in 2023 to build muscle and let off steam! The episodic gym really kicks off bootcamp strong, is more intense and focuses on more strength training than from the signing camp. These are a sequence of bodybuilding exercises in blocks, with a special focus depending on levels and desires, allowing you to create your own exercise routine (upper body, lower body or full body).

In the program: squat exercises to strengthen the legsbench press for chest or brisk walking and jogging to develop cardio.

This discipline is accessible to all levels of those who want to develop their muscles.

Infrared bicycle

If you’re on Instagram, you can’t miss this new activity! the infrared bicycle it is really more and more popular for toning, eliminating cellulite and burning fat.

The principle is simple: you are in a capsule with infrared lamps that can generate heat up to 55 degrees. This will help to stimulate the blood and lymph circulation system and therefore easier elimination. At the same time, you pedal for about 40 minutes while riding a classic bike. What to quickly build muscle and tone at the rate of three sessions a week.

This discipline is increasingly investing in fitness rooms and centers.

Reggaeton fits

If you love to dance while working up a sweat and toning your muscles, this is it fit reggaeton – fuzao created for you! This discipline is practiced at Dancefloor Paris, the ideal center for learning to dance like Beyoncé. It follows the Fuzao© concept and offers a sequence of fitness movements while dancing. This is the best way to do it get your cardio up while having fun as well as working on coordination.

The course is for all beginners! You don’t need to be a dance expert to get started. The upside is that it’ll also teach you some moves to stand out on the dance floor (and we love that!).

Rock spirit

Attention seekers of intensity! you will not be disappointed with rock spirit exercise. This is a workout inspired by the famous Rocky Balboa training to make you a true warrior.

What to expect? We tell you right away that you need to use your energy resources and, above all, be smart. The training combines boxing, muscle strengthening and intense cardio with one goal: to build muscle and shape your silhouette by letting off steam until you run out of breath.

This course is offered by L’Usine Paris gym.

So, what kind of sport will challenge you in 2023?

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