Nature sports weekend in preparation for June 3rd and 4th at L’Agglomerée, Corrèze

Agglomerate, quesaco? This is a sports and holiday meeting organized around nature sports on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the community of Tul communes. The jubilee celebrated by intercommunity this year in 2023. In a way, Agglomeration is a younger cousin of the late TBN (Tulle Brive Nature). A TAN, Natural Agglo Tulle!
The appointment is given on June 3 and 4 in several of the 43 municipalities of the territory.

Sports and festive event

Fabienne Latour, Tulle Agglo’s Vice President of Youth and Sports, explains: “The idea is to organize a weekend of sport, but also economic, tourism and celebration. We will try to cover the area widely. We will pass through several cities.”
The program includes hiking, mountain biking, cycling, trail running, wakeboarding… “There will be something for everyone and we can do everything as a family,” says Fabienne Latour.
The agglomeration is organized by the Tourism Authority and many partner associations, “a bit like TBN, it’s the same spirit”, confirms the elected official. So TAC provides trails with Triathlon club, Chandarers mountain bike, cyclo with T2C, but also Rando Doustre and many others…

One kilometer vertical

One of the highlights will be the one-kilometer vertical Agglomerate that will connect the Angles bridge with the Naves belvedere. On arrival, this km showing a 25% slope is planned to be a festive moment with aperitif and music. “We want to have a little fun with local products, entertainment, revitalizing the local economy,” the elected official continues.

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Also, on Saturday, June 3, walks on the plateau are planned. A circuit will connect Chameyrat over 10 km with Saint-Hilaire-Peyroux and Saint-Mexant via Chemin de la Révolte over 11 km to Chameyrat. Those who want to take a longer route can take the 20km between Espagnac and Sédières on a castle-themed tacota. Not forgetting the gourmet hike in Orliac-de-Bar (7 km).
For mountain biking, this should happen several distances away, 20, 30, 40 or 50 km near Sédières.

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Wakeboarding in Seilhaj

Sunday, June 4, two routes on the Agglomerée nature program: Corrèze-Tulle 24 km and its light formula: Bar-Tulle: 14 km. The walk will take place around Gimel and Sédières. Cycling and mountain bike circuits through the giant Suc au May will also be on the program, as will wakeboarding in Seilhac.
“To organize all this, we wrote to the associations responsible for the organization and Agglo is helping with the logistics,” says Fabienne Latour.
About twenty municipalities are concerned between departures and arrivals from this first edition, as well as among all the municipalities to be passed. “If it works well, we would like to continue the event and rotate the municipalities,” continues Fabienne Latour. The first trial edition may inspire others to participate.

The idea is to organize a sports, economic and festive event

If the sports part is relatively well developed, the holiday part is stopped. Les Lendemains qui chantent will have a launch party, children’s entertainment and a village of local producers in Auseloud. Tulle Agglo has one ambition for this weekend: to show that the area moves and lives!
Comfortable. A website will be dedicated to the event. Registration will be held from the end of January to the beginning of February until OK-time.

Laetitia Soulier

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