Is Red Bull’s reputation based on the values ​​it embodies?

Red Bull is an Austrian company specializing in the marketing of energy drinks.

Unlike other companies in the same sector, this brand has a solid reputation among consumers. In general, tonic drinks are controversial.

However, Red Bull has always had wind in its sails since its inception.

What explains this good reputation? Find the answer in this article.

Red Bull: what is it?

Red Bull gives you wings

Red Bull was founded by Dietrich Mateschitz in the mid-1980s.

The latter was inspired by the Thai energy drink Krating Daeng to develop the new product.

Originally, this brand was founded in 1976 by Chaleo Yoovidhya. In English, the name Krating Daeng literally translates as “red bison”.

Austrian entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz tried this drink during a business trip to Thailand and liked it very much. So he decided to take inspiration from it to create a similar one to market in European countries. He developed not only a new drink, but also a unique marketing concept.

Red Bull Energy Drink was launched on April 1, 1987 in Austria. A new product category was born: energy drinks. Red Bull is a tonic drink that contains caffeine and other energizing compounds, including taurine and a number of B vitamins.

Admittedly, its exact composition varies from country to country, but the following ingredients are always present: sugar, baking soda, carbonated water, magnesium carbonate, citric acid, glucolactone, artificial colors and flavors. Today, available in more than 165 countries, this drink is widely sold around the world.

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What are the values ​​that Red Bull embodies?

The good reputation of the Red Bull brand is based on the values ​​it embodies. Indeed, in its advertisements, the company emphasizes the energy, strength, speed, as well as fun, creativity and courage that this drink provides. All these values ​​are very inspiring and strategic points for developing a rich communication and marketing plan.

What is Red Bull’s marketing concept?

The real secret of Red Bull’s success lies in its marketing strategy. A large part of 30% of turnover consists of reinvesting in marketing campaigns. This impressive speed is explained by the power of impact and the diversity of its field of activity.

Red Bull’s main marketing activity is sponsorship. This brand embraces itself as a sponsor and is unmistakably taking the sponsorship world by storm. He doesn’t stop there as he has also made a name for himself as an owner, trainer and sports agent.

red bull and sport

In motor sports, Red Bull owns the Austrian Red Bull Racing team. The brand has it all two formula 1 teams, as well as a motocross team. In extreme sports, Red Bull is the leader in most events and destinations.

The Red Bull brand is irresistible because it also invests in football. This results in the acquisition of a football club in Austria, which it has renamed “Red Bull Salzburg”. He also owns the Red Bull Arena football stadium in Salzburg, Austria.

Red Bull as the organizer of the championship

Relax, because this brand has not surprised you with the many investments it has made. There is even a hockey team. It also hosts the world championships in air racing and extreme skating.

These are the Red Bull Air Race World Championship and Red Bull Crashed Ice respectively. This brand’s affiliation with all these extreme sports preserves its sulphurous reputation.

To define its politics and identity, the brand creates a digital and virtual universe full of conscience. This allows you not only to get more visibility, but also to increase your sales.

red bull site

The brand has created a website specifically to communicate news and events related to it. The special thing about this site is that you will not see any trace of the can. Instead, you’ll see a wide variety of reports, photos, articles, photos and videos about the world of Red Bull.

red bull tv channel

This is another strong point of the brand. He created his own television channel mainly to cover the events that he accompanied on live broadcast. Again, it’s not promoting a product, it’s creating content because it stands out from the competition. He also has a YouTube channel that is regularly updated with extreme sports videos or commercials.

Red Bull on social networks

Of course, this brand is available on social networks. Its communication strategy on various platforms is extremely effective. This allows him to feed a strong network of subscribers on a daily basis. Moreover, Red Bull is the fourth most followed brand on Facebook in France.

street marketing

If many people are so familiar with Red Bull, it is partly because of its street marketing strategy. Indeed, the brand exists in the urban world through numerous street marketing operations. This strategy aims to create a real close relationship with customers.

The least that can be said about this brand’s marketing strategy is that it is unpredictable, unconventional and fast. For all that, it works beautifully and continues to gain the support of consumers and even non-consumers. That’s not all.

Thanks to its extensive and complex policy, Red Bull managed to position itself as a true media. Its communication is done more around the universe of the brand than around the product. Red Bull’s three main marketing factors are: drink, extreme sports and events. This huge popularity guarantees unprecedented success for the brand.

In short, Red Bull has a good reputation for using a unique and original marketing strategy. In addition, this brand has the intelligence to give the public what they really care about, so that they are enticed to buy without realizing it.

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