Direct from the markets | Ftse Eb over 24,000 points. Gas is down 75% from highs. There are 5 reasons for this decrease

At 12:05 Ftse Mib strengthens gains, +1.4% 24,040 points. Mps (+9.6%) differs by 2.10 euros, good, with an average increase of 3%, Juventus, Saipem, Leonardo, Stellantis, Intesa Sanpaolo, Banco Bpm. Telecom Italia and Enel rose by 1.8%. On the contrary, Brunello Cucinelli gave 2.7%, Amplifon 2.8%.

European natural gas prices fell in the first session of 2023, extending losses 72.5 euros per megawatt hour and fell to the lowest level since February 2022, before the war in Ukraine.

Prices too It is more than 75% below the record high of €350. Record LNG imports in August and larger-than-normal stockpiles allayed fears of a shortage.

A third reason for the continued decline in gas prices is a mild winter, to which must be added increased wind energy production (the fourth reason) and a decrease in exports to France (the fifth reason), which allowed Germany to fill its storage. for the eighth day in a row.

Meanwhile, supplies from Russia via Ukraine have been stable, and weather forecasts point to normal to above-average temperatures through early January.

Politically, EU leaders have agreed to cap natural gas prices if prices in the first month of the Dutch TTF contract exceed €180 per megawatt hour for three days and LNG prices exceed €35. For the whole of 2022, natural gas prices in Europe have increased by about 14%.

10:40 – Ftse Mib accelerates and approaches 24,000 points after Italy’s Pmi index. Less gas, less construction. Note the Intesa-Enel joint venture

At 10:40, after the publication of Pmi Italia, Piazza Affari accelerated and the Ftse Mib rose 1.2% to about 24,000 points. The most important acquisitions are sector acquisitions Oil (+1.8% Wti oil above 80 dollars/barrel), Cars (+1.6%), Banks (+1.5%). On the other hand, gas The euro traded on the Amsterdam TTF continues to fall (-2.7% to 74.28 euros).

And Ten years of construction Although it was below the 50 level (economic contraction zone) on Monday, January 2, Italy saw the yield fall from 4.7% to 4.61% thanks to the maintenance of the PMI.

Among the top gainers in Piazza Affari: D’Amico (+3.9%), Seco (+2.9%), Intercos (+2.9%), Juventus (+2.7%), Stellantis ( +2.6%), Saipem (+2.5%), Unlimited (+2.25%), Eni (+2.2%), Intesa Sanpaolo and Enel (+2%).

In contrast, sales at Amplifon (-2.4%), Brunello Cucinelli (-2%), Tinexta (-0.8%) and Tamburi (-0.4%).

Website Manufacturing SMEs S&P Global Italy fell to 48.5 in December 2022 from 48.4 in November, in line with newly published market expectations and marked the sixth consecutive month of contraction in industrial activity amid weak global demand.

L’In the Eurozone, S&P Global Manufacturing Pmi was confirmed at 47.8 in December 2022.This figure is higher than the previous month (47.1) and represents the smallest decline for the sector since September as inflationary pressures eased and supply chains continued to stabilize.

9:05 am – Piazza Affari comes alive on the first day of 2023. Well, unlimited and eye on Juventus, JV Intesa- Enel

After dropping 13% on the ground in 2022, Piazza Affari opens with a bang on Monday, January 2, 2023. Ftse Mib rose 0.7% to 23,873 points.

As evidence, with an average increase of 1.7%, illimity, Juventus, Credem, then StM (+1.35%), Telecom Italia (+1.25%), Enel (+1%), Intesa Sanpaolo (+1%) ). Sales were higher at San Lorenzo (-1.5%) and Ferragamo (-1%).

8:15 am – European stock markets are expected to be positive for the first day of 2023. Eye in Italy, Pmi

Despite fairly gray macroeconomic data in China, Eurostoxx 50 futures are clearly positive on Monday, January 2, 2023 (+0.7%), despite the reasons for US stock exchanges, the attraction of those on Wall Street (+0.2%) thanks to which China and Japan are closed for holidays.

Investors continue to evaluate the forecast global growth as a major central banks will lower interest rates, trying to raise them even higher this yearinflation. The Ukrainian war remains in the background.

The macroeconomic calendar includes the publication of the consumer price index on Monday, January 2. S&P Global manufacturing December results Euro area and of Italy (consensus 48.5, previous 48.4)

In addition, December inflation rates for the Eurozone, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Turkey, Switzerland, the Philippines and Indonesia will be released this week. Finally, investors will be careful Manufacturing PMI also India, Spain, South Korea, Canada and Switzerland.

In the United States, a report is received regarding the central stage labor marketrohminutes of meetings Fomcbecause SME production and servicesname e from factory orders.

Look out in Piazza Affari

name and width announced that the conditions of the partnership for the Algeria-Italy gas pipeline have been met; closing is planned for mid-January.

Mooneypayment company owned by Intesa San Paolo and for Enelwill start with him electronic payment service By the first half of 2023, Salvatore Borgese, Mooney’s managing director of banking and commercial services, said on Saturday.

As for AnimaThe asset management agreement, which ties the asset manager to Creval until the end of 2027, has been preserved with some amendments following the merger with the bank’s entry into the Credit Agricole Italia group from last April.

Piazza Affari is also a must-see Telecom ItaliaFriday was hit by strong sales (-3.78%). Uncertainty about the future of the tlc group remains great.

As for GefranGefran signed a contract with Weg Automation Equipment, a subsidiary of Siei Drives Technology. It sold its operations in China for 2.98 million eurosfrom the total amount of the contract for the sale of the “engines” business of 23 million million, the company said on Saturday.

Star 7 said on Saturday that the business unit had taken a “decisive step” towards acquiring CAAR by signing a lease agreement.

Solutions Capital Management Sim It starts on Monday January 2nd and the capital increase ends on January 19th. Rights will be discussed until January 13.

Trevi Finanziaria The capital increase ends on January 2.

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