187 engineering students present their business creation projects at the Medef headquarters in Paris

This 18th edition will award the 5 best innovative projects that can then be presented in various national and international innovation competitions…

(Boursier.com) – A key point in the education of engineers in industrial biology, Great oral marketing-business creativity of 4th year engineering students EBI – School of Industrial Biology will be held on January 13 from 9 am at the MEDEF headquarters in Paris.

187 students (80% of whom are women) will present their 12 projects on the application of biology as a group to a jury of about forty people from the Ministry of Internal Affairs as well as people from the United States. industrial world.higher education as well as business creation professionals and school graduates.

This 18th edition will allow then award the 5 best innovative projects that can be presented in various national and international innovation competitionsor may even lead to the creation of a company later on… 12 innovative projects in the fields of food, cosmetics, human health, environment, road safety and science will be presented and will be at the service of the public.

Innovative projects

The pedagogy of the Cergy Pontoise School of Industrial Biology (EBI) is based on the management of innovative projects that engage the creative imagination of students. It offers engineering students education in entrepreneurship, particularly through a marketing and business creation module. Thus, every year more than 70 projects are conceived by the students of the faculty of engineering.

Like every year in January EBI’s engineering students will bend to the rigors of the pitch in front of the professionals. Young entrepreneurs will have the honor of spending a day at MEDEF, the temple of business creation. It is no coincidence that the EBI is located at the MEDEF headquarters.

For 18 years, the School of Engineering has been recognized for the quality of teaching associated with entrepreneurship and innovative pedagogy. combining lectures, creative workshops, coaching with professionals and challenging support throughout the course. EBI was also recognized by Usine Nouvelle as the 2nd best engineering school for entrepreneurship in 2019.

The themes are obvious

The topics of student projects for this 18th edition are: road safety, human health, food (fruits and vegetables, vegetable proteins), sports and environmental cosmetics. New this year: students could also offer a free subject.

Among the projects to be presented this year : a ring for olfactory rehabilitation, a nutritional supplement to limit urinary tract infections, a 100% plant-based alternative to surimi, an air-purifying urban trash can, alcohol-free wine that tastes and visually mimics red wine, healing microcapsules for amputated limbs, an eco-bomb to combat microplastics …

187 engineering students (80% of them women) took a 5-month marketing course to learn the basics of commercial strategy related to starting a startup and building a business plan.

Divided into project teams, students are directed to create files for launching products and sometimes prototypes.

The project managers are supported throughout the process by the marketing professor, academic referees dedicated to various topics, as well as the school administration and 8 alumni. They also benefit from workshops on creativity, finance, human resources and entrepreneurship support through dedicated partners…

The most female engineering school in France

With 80% women, EBI is the most “female” engineering school in France. Thus, it has a great responsibility and privilege to prepare its engineers to fulfill all their responsibilities and cover all the careers that can be offered to them in the bio-industries. .

EBI continues this approach, in particular by inviting more women than men to be members of the jury for the big speech and holding the day under the theme of “women’s entrepreneurship”.

The grand oral will be evaluated by a jury of 40 professionals (experts in marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, education, business creators) responsible for identifying the 5 most promising projects. The composition of the jury is proud of professionals from the world of food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and environmental industries…

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