Become a community manager without a degree

Can you become a community manager without a degree? a question that can be hidden behind other questions, as we will see below.

the Community manager It is a role that appeared in France around 2009, because the formations were not legion, even if some played the role of CM, especially by revitalizing their Facebook pages.

That’s why there was many self-taught community managers Before 2009 and even after. One of the first learning centers to offer community manager training, had Ifocop. The center I went to for their CM course in 2013.

Therefore, today more questions arise: How to become a community manager without a degree? However, this question often refers to other, more specific questions, such as:

  • Can we pursue community manager training without a degree?
  • Can a community manager practice without a diploma at the end of training?
  • A person can be a self-taught community manager and practicing a profession without a diploma ?

Let’s see these different angles!

Become a community manager without a degree

Speaking of wanting becoming a community manager without a degree, can lead to several questions and sometimes even complexes. Some people who don’t have a diploma think that they can’t get training as they offer education from Bac +3 to Bac +4 level. So, they think, that is why it is important to have a diploma which is at least equivalent to Bac+2 beforehand.

They talk about being others a self-taught community manager, in the sense that a diploma is not a desirable goal and therefore a diploma course is not necessary. Therefore, these 2 aspects should be taken into account, although in most cases the problem mentioned is the absence of any diploma.

Then it will be Follow CM training without a prior degree? Of course! Moreover, if a diploma was absolutely necessary, then marketing, communication, literature, etc. That is, it should be connected with the intended training community management.

The only prerequisites that will be required are a few things:

  • Get really motivated to be a community manager,
  • Have an appetite Internet and social networks,
  • To know write without mistakeseven if everyone else does!

These points will be covered during the initial interview to determine whether you are ready to continue training. In any case, the vast majority of training centers will not require you to have a diploma, but on the other hand, you can get a diploma at the end of the course. Then give it priority diploma courses If this is your wish, it will be registered in the RNCP (National Library of Professional Certificates).

Follow the community manager training

If you want Take a course to become a community manager, put your luck on your side to get a job at the end. If you want to get a diploma, apply to centers registered with the RNCP, which will greatly limit the offer. Don’t neglect the program and all that you will learn.

Follow the community manager training

Prefer long training programs with an internship at the end, as it will be possible to get a job at the end of it. In addition, you will be able to put into practice what you have learned during the course, and that is the goal.

On the contrary, a short course will allow you to get the basics and get a general idea about it CM profession. Why not look at your career plan from this point of view and then plan a long course. You will already gain experience and be more confident to start a longer community manager training course.

Today, there are well-established training centers for the community manager profession, such as CFPJ, IMCI or Ifocop. They offer certification courses and can provide quality assurance to employers.

Become a self-taught community manager

Become a self-taught community manager requires strong self-confidence and definitely a solid foundation in marketing and/or communications. In this case it will be difficult take free online courses even read articles or books to learn. It’s a way to approach work and it can build confidence to achieve community manager diploma if that’s a priority.

a self-taught community manager without a degree

Why do you need a solid self-taught foundation and say you don’t need a degree to pursue community manager training? Simply because a training or university course offers frameworks, proven methods and guidance during learning.

When you’re alone, you really don’t know where to start and you have no real clue. Additionally, it can be difficult to tap into your motivation without group imitation. Admittedly, if we go for online courses, there will be a framework to follow, but you will have to work hard and practice in parallel, because there may be a lot of lack of practice and also practice to know if we are doing well or not. things.

In 2023, I think so hard to dig as a self-taught CM, although this is not possible! Knowing how to sell yourself without a degree is one thing, but being self-taught and selling yourself without a degree can be a real hurdle. Again, nothing is impossible because everyone is different; with gifts, skills and qualities that will be unique to you.

Do companies require a community manager diploma?

The company will ask you for references, experiences, etc. should ask for more. rather than a diploma, especially a community manager diploma can only be obtained from an approved center and not through a university or similar course. Some companies will ask for a Marketing Bac +5 diploma, but this should not be taken as a generality or even a brake here.

It’s not a degree that makes a good community manager or better than the other, anyway, because some profiles are very talented even before they start training.

But if a company asks you for a diploma, at least try to understand the process and why it is based on a document. The difference between a diploma-granting center and a non-granting center is sometimes for nothing, except for attestation. You can meet the same trainers there with a better overall framework at a non-RNCP approved centre.

has a community manager diploma

The diploma is formal in nature, because let’s not forget that there are excellent profiles who lose their chances during the exam, even those who bet everything at the last minute without delivering real work during the course. Consider the diploma not as a kind of privilege, but more as a reward if it is given by the center. If that’s your goal, think of it this way!


In summary, don’t look at a diploma as an obligation to start community manager training. I’m talking here about having a degree in marketing or communication to get into a CM course, for example.

Alternatively, see if you can get one if you go through a recognized RNCP training course. This can be a goal for you to achieve to boost your motivation and confidence.

Finally, if you think about it diploma issue If you want to become a self-taught community manager, weigh the pros and cons as possible obstacles. It is still necessary to get managers, a possible diploma in marketing and / or communication will give them to you, but alone and without baggage, it will certainly be difficult, because there are also exercises like experience and analyzing their results.

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