RUGBY. This player, who left Toulouse 2 years ago, is reborn in his first club

Remember Richie Gray? This tall blonde (reportedly, sans black shoes) completely dominated the Stade Toulousein touch when he arrived in Haute-Garonne. Came from Castres in 2016, he was the big pick of the red and black On paper. Indeed, the second line was not ungrateful. With a height of 2.08 meters and a little over 120 kilograms, he flew like a sparrow and fought like a bull on the buffet. It must be said that this style of play in the family suits them very well. For a long time (even today) his brother Johnny Gray was easily considered the best fighter in the world. In the fight, Richie Gray assured. In the game, he knew how to worry. To the point that his qualities suggest to him Somewhere between the British and Irish Lions In 2013. Class, right?

Arriving from Castres Olympique in 2016, his adventure in Toulouse had started very well. To imagine a 100% vintage Tarn duo with Joe Tekori in the cage. But a few months after his arrival, the galleries for the Scottish national began. In effect, the giant suffered from a recurring back injury. A sentence that forced him to be regularly hospitalized in Hauts-Garonnais. Despite everything, the footballer will finish the French championship in 2019 with the Hugo Mola stable in a record season. After that, the player will have a hard time finding a rhythm. His first season will see him make nearly 20 appearances in all competitions in the red and black. An absolutely glorious score for an international. Later seasons revolve around itan average of 10 games per season TCC. A number that turned out to be less than glorious, especially for the ex-Leo.

[TRANSFERT]    Top 14 - Richie Gray will leave Stade Toulouse for Glasgow[TRANSFERT] Top 14 – Richie Gray will leave Stade Toulouse for Glasgow

Revival in the country

To forget the bad memories, Richie Gray returned to Scotland. More specifically, He returned to Glasgow Warriors In the summer of 2020, which was remembered by the Covid pandemic. We thought he would find his brother there. The latter was also often announced in Toulouse. There are even rumors that he accidentally visited the facilities. In the end, nothing happened. The two brothers only passed each other, one joined the industrial city in the north of Great Britain, the other went south to Exeter. Back in Glasgow, Richie Gray is now 31 years old and has had a busy career. With a track record that looks more backwards than forwards, it comes unassuming. However, Expectations are high for the Warriors. The (excellent) memories left by the colossus in Scotland selection are still fresh. His brother’s performances help keep that flame going.

Arriving through the back door, Richie Gray quickly catches the eye. When stress rises, we say: the second line prefers to drink it rather than be stressed. After two years, the player will metamorphose. Such a transformation is taking place that he will return to XV du Chardonnay in 2021, nearly 3 years after leaving it. Indeed, his performances in Glasgow are increasingly convincing and his age better reflects his experience. .than any fatigue.

“Ritchie Gray’s Indian Summer Continues Into Winter”

In the spring of 2022, the club announced that it will remain under the club’s colors for one more year. He said in his official statement:Glad to be able to sign again. This club means a lot to me. This is where I started my career as a professional rugby player. The work environment makes coming to work out every day a real pleasure.” In the middle of the season, he showed excellent club statistics Over 90% fight success. In this exercise, he is often seen alone. Glasgow Warriors statistically have the worst defense in the United Rugby Championship.

RUGBY.  Passed Toulouse, is this big name in world rugby back in the Top 14 soon?RUGBY. Passed Toulouse, is this big name in world rugby back in the Top 14 soon?At 33, Richie Gray may have one last adventure left. Recently, Midi Olympique showed this against the Brive side. So, should a return to the Top 14 be possible, Glasgow would still appear to be mutually committed to the player. He was recently appointed Man of the match in the Scottish derby From URC this Friday, December 23rd. Newspaper after the meeting Scottish sent him praise. The latter describes the former Toulouse player’s form as follows:

Richie Grey’s Indian Summer continues into mid-winter. Glasgow’s second line was once again exceptional in the win over Edinburgh.[…] Franco Smith describes him as “a fighter from head to toe”. There is no doubt that the Glasgow manager is getting the most out of a player who is a huge asset in the squad and a constant threat in the game. At 33 years of age, Gray shows no signs of slowing down. After his return, he became an influential example in the club.

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