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Salary growth has been observed in recent years. Thanks to this hybrid status, freelancers have the opportunity to work on their own, completely independently, using the benefits of company employees. In order to sign as many employment contracts as possible, freelancers should build a network. This network becomes essential for getting people talking about them, finding prospects and building customer loyalty. How to create a network when an employee is transferred? What methods can be used to create a connection as a freelancer on salary portage? What role can a salary porting company play in the contract that connects it with a freelancer? Overview.

Benefit from salaried status while remaining independent

Salary portage and freelance: participate in social platforms to network

In the digital age, it seems important that a freelancer who is a salary carrier with CEGELEM creates professional accounts on social networks. And one of the professional contact pools for the employee remains LinkedIn. LinkedIn, a social network for professionals, aims to promote exchanges between experts, express themselves about current events to the freelancer on a portage contract, present their concepts, interact with their community, and at the same time provide the prospect of finding one or more contracts. contracts.

LinkedIn offers the ability to add contacts to the search list within a limit of 100 monthly invitations. Also, it is possible to export a search file from a social network managed by about 58 million companies worldwide. These benefits are important and can only lead to a contract if the employee involved integrates social management into their daily work mission.

To be effective, make sure you work on your personal brand, align your brand identity, and post regularly on social media to encourage feedback and discussion from your customers and partners.

Free on salary portage: go to notable events in the business sector

As a freelancer, you need to cover many skills and always be on the ground to collect wages and make up for your idle days. So, in order to create a remarkable network, a salary portage consultant should attend professional events in his field of activity, i.e. trade shows, conferences, webinars, training days, etc.

In addition to keeping up to date with your core business, events are ideal for building quality relationships with potential customers. The employee, who is provided with a schedule that can provide business cards, flyers and meetings with other consultants, participates in the conquest of new customers, partners in order to develop his business, offer his service, service, product, find one or more missions. , and generate circulation.

By participating in these events, you also show your competitors that you are really active and dynamic. Your clients also perceive you as an actor in your company who is willing to actively seek assignments. You also put people back at the center of your work.

Position yourself as a payroll expert

As a salary portage freelancer, you are the only person who can communicate about your company in the best way possible. You know your company, its values, its way of working better than anyone else, because you run it, even if your contract payroll company supports you.

So, in an attempt to build an effective, long-term and sustainable network, it is advisable to position yourself as an expert in your field of activity. That is, you should speak wisely, express your opinion when necessary (not always, so at the risk of doing you harm), position yourself in important levers (such as the environment, social issues, parity). , being open to the opinions and comments of the client or other people.

The experience you demonstrate should shine through in your network and not overwhelm her with all kinds of good advice at the risk of sounding pretentious. This communication should be regular, controlled, moderate. This is one of the main missions of the supported worker, and it often leads to the presentation of their services and the signing of the service contract.

Listen to your network to increase your performance as a mobile worker

After that, any freelancer, even on salary portage, should listen to their professional network. This means that he should be active in social networks, respond to comments, questions, and messages. It’s already a sign of respect, then it establishes the authority of the freelancer in the salary carrying in his specialty!

Keeping an open mind allows you to spot outstanding professional opportunities and close potential deals with your network. The status of mobile worker gives you the opportunity and time to exchange with other client companies. Indeed, the payroll company takes care of the administration on behalf of the employee! Client companies also appreciate these benefits because they know that by relying on a supported employee, the freelancer can focus on accomplishing the mission and the goals to be achieved without worrying about time-consuming invoicing tasks. , contract signing, etc. .

Additionally, the insights of your connections, positive or negative, allow you to refine and reposition your strengths to strengthen your company. Perhaps your network knows about an important lever for you? Maybe the customer has a relevant and valid opinion about your services? Maybe a relationship will become a future partner? This network is important because you can join forces to highlight each company’s full potential.

Take advantage of a salary porting company’s network

Finally, as an employee attached to a payroll carrier company, the entrepreneur can benefit from the company’s support. He can now interact with other supported employees managed by the company. It is the daily moral support that lifts the counselor out of loneliness. Then there’s the payroll company’s client portfolio, which is certainly tailored to the freelance sector. It would be a shame to deprive yourself. Moreover, many payroll companies specialize in certain sectors of activity to guarantee quick, consistent consulting missions with key players in the field of activity in question.

It is then advisable to approach the professionals of the payroll company to get the most out of the support it offers (consulting, training, seminars, etc.).

Once the network is established, it should be maintained by the freelancer on the salary portage. Protect the link, create new ones, meet prospects, partners, the goal is to become an actor of the brand image. Company growth at stake, new opportunities and support from freelancers who share the same fears and hopes as a freelancer.

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