Choose those celebrating Limousine sport in 2022

Sports department for several years The celebrity of the center selects the athletes of the year by determining the best athlete, hope and team, while also awarding the favorite. These elections were suspended in 2020 and 2021 due to Covid. For 2022, we invite you to choose between four categories: athlete, hope, team and favorite.

Candidates in 2019

Athlete of the year

2022 was full of success for Limousin athletes.

29 year old Corrèze cyclist Michael Guichard He achieved 10 at the highest amateur level while collecting 20 podiums. He won the first stage of the Tour de Bretagne against the pros, covering 170 kilometers. The second best French Amateur for the Dirt Bike challenge, he was also the French Amateur’s vice-champion.

Voted the best French international in 2019, Pauline Bourdon He still had a great season in 2022. A French champion with Stade Toulousain, Limougeaude was invaluable to the French team in winning the bronze medal at the World Cup. Thus, the former Limoges Gazelles player of the USA, who trains at CAPO Limoges, was selected as the best player in the junior final.

46 years old, Cyril Jonard He equaled Teddy Riner by winning his tenth world title at the Para-Judo World Championships.

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Originally from Eymoutiers, like Cyril Jonard, Matthew Waxivier winning two championship races (Sebring and Monza) finished runner-up to Alpine in the main endurance category Hypercars.

Five years after KM42 started in Saint-Just-le-Martel, Bastien Augusto had a great 2022 among seniors: French champion in indoor 3000 m, French vice-champion in cross country and 10 km and European champion in cross country teams.

team of the year

Five teams revived 2022 with victories, and for some with titles:
Feytiat Basket 87: Disabled French NF1 champions and progressed to LF2 where they started well (6 wins in 7 matches)
Limoges CSP: with a less frenetic workforce than many rivals, the Limoges basketball players finished the regular season in 4th place for Betclic Elite.
USA Limoges: Limoges rugby players fulfilled their goal of the year by reaching National 2
AS Panazol: After a great run in the French Cup (32nd final), the Panazolais footballers were promoted to R1, the highest regional level, where they reached the podium in mid-December.
ASPTT Limoges Water Polo: Two teams from the Limuge club had a great season with the title of French champion among girls (NF1) and boys (NM2).

hope of the year

What do you think is the hope for 2022?

Limougeaud Clemens Rougier He broke the triple jump record and became the champion of France and Europe among juniors.

For the cyclist’s last year of hope Valentine Retailleau On August 1, AG2R collected podiums (8) before signing with the professionals of the Citroën Team. Five days later, he finished second in a stage of the Tour de Burgos.

Although she is not cute, Paul Metayer surpassing his personal best (2.16 m) and becoming the champion, raising the hopes of France.

on the 21st, Lina Queiroi, in full swing, the French rugby team has been selected to compete in the World Cup. He participated in this great campaign that ended with a bronze medal.

Favorite of the year

As the name suggests, this trophy designates an athlete who celebrates or touches you for all their work this year.

Department Club 1 (former district), theOccitan made a fine run in the Coupe de France, eliminating higher-ranked combinations (Lafarge, two levels above La Rochelle, three levels above). Haut-Vienne club Petit Poucet advanced to the 6th round of the competition.

For his first season at Limoges CSP, the volcanic Italian coach Massimo Cancellieri Boblanka brought enthusiasm and pride. The technician is like the public from Limoges: warm, demanding and passionate.

Caroline Missett He will remember 2022 for a long time: for his sixth season at Feytiat, he became the French champion, becoming the top scorer and captain of his back team. A few weeks after this title, which she agreed on for a long time, the young woman announced her pregnancy. The wife of Benjamin Villeger, assistant coach of Limoges CSP for four seasons, gave birth to Iris at the end of November.

Lille, Limougeaud for the second season Maxim Bezinthe former LABC coach has made a roaring start: the ProB leader with the division’s penultimate budget and a place in the semi-finals of the Leaders’ Cup.

Finally, a motorcycle rider Paul Dufour25, was the French Superbike endurance champion.

Voting closes on Saturday 24th December!

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