BUILDINGS | These teams that don’t want to taste victory (episode 11)

The defeat in the World Cup final is still fresh. So we’ll bury ourselves under a triple layer of denial and go head-to-head in search of the Lost Survivors.

Sélestat, the number 13 is really unlucky

When the resident of our Survivor rating slams the door, we are overcome with emotion. But when the latter is also in French, the words are difficult to come out. Handball D1 has two indomitable clubs: PSG, who collect titles, and Sélestat, who selfishly monopolize last place. An unbroken trajectory, 13 defeats in 13 games without the worst offense or worst defense in the championship. Great art.

But all good things must come to an end. Standing opposite the Alsatians, we thought that Limoges was the best place to learn that caution is the mother of porcelain. No. A 31-29 loss at home against the Red Lanterns. You can’t make this up.

As if this was not enough for the Limougeauds, they had to play Kendji Girac’s concert at the end of the match. Double punishment.

With this success, Sélestat ends a great series. Alsace have not won a D1 match since May 13, 2017. A streak of 16 consecutive losses collapsed within an hour. 2042 days without victory in the elite of French handball. About twenty kilometers from the German border, Sélestat is becoming more of a German town in our hearts than ever.

Midtjylland, first win but last place

Last week we praised the exploits of this Viking nation. 17 losses in 17 days almost came back for a 26-25 defeat. And now, the dolphins of our ranking have confused their brushes, not speed and haste, but victory and defeat. A 35-23 success over Sønderjyske bears no resemblance to Midtjylland’s values. But rest assured, Midtjylland are still bottom of the standings with 2 minor points.

A synonym for straight down.

Volleyball is stealing Levallois from us

We continue our tour of France of Traitors. For the sake of parity, we’ll talk about traitors here. Because it is not only the Yavbou team that is blowing us away in the volleyball world. No, you can now also add Levalloisiennes to Women’s League A. With a route of 11 degrees for several days, Levallois players saw life in rosy colors. But one misstep ruined their season. Even worse, it came against Pôle France Avenir 2024, a team of mostly young players. This victory obviously does not pass.

We decided that we should not talk about the ball anymore.

They also disappointed this week

As we told you last week, nothing can stand The Hague In the Dutch futsal first division. But that was before their 11-5 win over Groen ended a three-month losing streak. Hard.

Still futsal, this time in Italy. The only sport that Transalpines can watch at home during the World Cup. For Italians, the beautiful story of December is not Morocco, but Citta di Melilli. A series of defeats (5-0, 7-0, 7-1, 5-2, 5-0, 7-1) to end with a 4-3 average victory over Pistoia. This mess par excellence.

List of survivors from Lose

After ten weeks of resistance, here’s Lose’s ranking of the surviving clubs.

1 Football Lithuania In the league Jonava 36m: 3n / 33d
2 Handball Rep. Czech extra league Hranice 18m: 1n/17d
3 futsal Russia Super League Siberian 16m: 1n/15d
4 Handball Romania National League Oradea 15m: 0n / 15d
5 Football Italy Series A Cremon 15m: 7n / 8d
6 rugby France National brandy 14m: 0n/14d
6 Handball Hungary N.B. I Budai Farkasok 14m: 0n/14d
6 Handball Croatia Premier League Zamet 14m: 0n/14d
9 Football Algeria League 1 HBCL 14m: 1n/13d
10 Football Spain league Elche 14m: 4n / 10d
11 Handball Portugal Handball 1 Santo Tirso 13m: 0n/13g
11 Basketball Lithuania LKL Prienai 13m: 0n/13g
13 Football Portugal Liga Portugal Bwin Pacos 13m: 2n / 11d
14 futsal Portugal The League Cupboard Futsal Azemeis 12m: 0n / 12d
15 futsal Slovenia 1. SFL Sevnica 12m: 1n / 11d
16 futsal Romania League I Cluj Napoca 11m: 0n / 11d
16 Volleyball Croatia super league Marsonia 11m: 0n / 11d
16 Volleyball Germany 1. Bundesliga VCO Berlin 11m: 0n / 11d
19 futsal Germany Bundesliga Penzberg 10m: 0n / 10d
20 futsal Slovakia extra league Makroteam Zilina 10m: 1n / 9d
20 futsal Belgium Section 1 Peabo Bilzen 10m: 1n / 9d
22 rugby Ireland/Italy/South Af. United Rugby Championship Zebra 9m: 0n / 9d
22 Volleyball Brazil super league Rede Cuca Volei 9m: 0n / 9d
22 Rugby League France Elite 1 Villeneuve 9m: 0n / 9d
25 Football Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Pro League Al-Batin 9m: 1n/8g
26 Water polo France Elite nice 8m: 0n / 8d
27 Football Morocco Botola Pro IR Tangier 8m: 2n / 6d
28 Football Morocco Botola Pro Khouribga 8m: 3n / 5d
29 Football Qatar Qatar Stars League Rayyan 7m: 1n / 6d

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