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Joy and excess, like Argentina. Millions of people occupied the streets and streets of the country on Sunday afternoon, like the veins of Buenos Aires, where countless great crowds, intoxicated with happiness, overflowed … and relieved after so much suffering.

Everyone wants to be there, to experience this long-awaited and unforgettable moment from his last title (1986) that will be talked about from generation to generation. From children to ancestors of all ages, they scream, jump, dance endlessly, and create memories in unison.

“I am 35 years old. I waited 35 years to experience this moment. I can’t believe it. Waiting for this lifelong dream for 35 years,” shouted Sonia Palacios, with an Argentine flag tied around her neck.

“We love football, we love Argentina. I am happy and happy to know that people are happy. I’m happy that this country is moving forward, despite everything, the economy, despite everything, we can move forward,” he added with emotion.

A few minutes after Montyel’s winning penalty, chants, firecrackers, drums, smoke noises, horns, and more, disputed the sound space of the capital forever.

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This is the country!

Without even waiting for Lionel Messi to lift the trophy in Doha, thousands, tens of thousands, soon more, gathered at the Obelisk, the capital’s iconic monument and traditional venue for sporting celebrations.

“This is a great joy for the whole country. We deserved it,” reiterated Gustavo Barreiro, 29. “We are a suffering country, so it’s good to accept this joy, to breathe a little,” he added, referring to Argentina’s thousand and one ills, from chronic inflation to intense political polarization.

“We are born to suffer. That’s how we Argentines are. But we keep moving forward. This is the country! – rejoiced Manuel Erazo, a seller of beer craftily transported in a refrigerator.

Many like him expected and hoped that in 2022, he would throw a big party to improve the usual conditions in a country where inflation will be close to 100%. pavement.

Because if the heroes of “Scaloneta” were expected in Buenos Aires on Monday evening around 19:00 (22:00 GMT), then four hours after the match in Buenos Aires, the party that passed without incident promised. to perpetuate.

President Alberto Fernandez congratulated the team in a tweet after the game: “Always together, always united. WE ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS. There is nothing more to say.”

At dusk, as far as the eye could see, a compact crowd continued to stretch along 9 de Julio Avenue, one of the widest in the world (140 m). In Argentina, he sings songs that everyone knows by heart, who sings about partying and football.

“Somos campeones! » now on the fan’s playlist is the classic « Soooy Argentino, es un sentimiento, no puedo paraaar! (“I’m Argentinian, it’s a feeling, I can’t stop!”) in the park, in the stadium, on the seashore, in Mar del Plata, in the Atlantic, in Jujuy, at the foot of the Andes and in the Pampas of Argentina.

Most recently, the song of the year, “Muchachos,” featured a twist and became the unofficial anthem of Argentina’s supporters at the World Cup. Summoning both the Albiceleste, Maradona, Messi and the Falklands, he screamed at the top of his lungs to cover the Marseillaise at the start of the match.

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Diego was watching from the sky

“I was born in Argentina, the country of Diego and Lionel,” says the first verse, which calls on Lionel Messi to lift the trophy previously won by Diego Maradona in 1986.

“Lionel Messi deserved it. It was the only thing that Lionel was missing and we are very happy (…) This is for everyone, for everyone who wants the trophy for Messi, not only for the Argentines,” says Gustavo Barreiro.

Messi is an eternal hero next to Diego, whose shadow still hangs over this World Cup. “First World without you, thank you for everything! moved the public television commentators, leaving them completely emotional.

In Maradona’s old house around Villa Devoto – several dozen privileged people, neighbors and friends were invited to watch the match in the garden, around the pool and at the parilla. AFP.

“For us Argentinians, everything about Maradona reminds us of our childhood: he was the one who gave us the most joy,” explained the new owner, 47-year-old lawyer Ariel Fernando Garcia. “Argentina has been sad for years, but it has always been a generous and supportive country. You have to find that too,” he said, explaining his decision to “open” the house.

Because, as the song “Muchachos” says, “Diego watching us from the sky” could not leave Argentine football for a moment forever.

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The press rejoices

The cry of the heart: “We are world champions”, covers the entire front page of Argentina’s sports daily Olé. This theme is accepted by the entire country’s media, and this theme unanimously pays tribute to the genius of the Albiceleste guide, Lionel Messi. They won their third world crown in a penalty shootout against France in the World Cup final in Qatar on Sunday.

The photo of Messi with the trophy and the entire Argentina team shouting their joy during the post-match celebrations can be found all over the media and social networks. The most commonly used phrase was the fateful shootout that resulted in a 3-3 tie after overtime.

Ole’s column titled “Eternal glory to Messi” reflected the general sentiment in Argentina, where the famous number 10 has been waiting almost two decades for a world title, joining Diego Maradona in the Pantheon of football gods.

“The trophy was not on his list: the double and the tears of the champion”, emphasizes Messi, the Argentine sports channel TyC Sports.

Madrid newspaper “Marca” writes: “Here Leo, you are holding the World Cup. And you deserve it.” The Albiceleste “touch the sky” for Argentine daily La Nacion.

“Unforgettable final”, “delirium”, “ecstasy”, “the best final of all time” flourishes in the Argentine press, and this must be the third planet triumph after what happened at home in 1978 and in Mexico in 1986. the late Diego Maradona in a state of grace.

The “Happiness of a country” mentioned by the daily “Clarin” sums up the feelings of 47 million Argentines who screamed at Messi’s double, Di Maria’s goal, suffered Mbappe’s hat-trick and were ecstatic at the saves. goalkeeper “Dibu” Fernandez is still decisive in the penalty shootout.

Even in Brazil, the great rival of the Albiceleste, the victory of the Argentine “brothers” was remembered with sport. Thus, the news daily O Globo welcomed the coronation of its neighbors and praised Messi: “the best” who “very deserved” to lift the trophy.

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