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Crazy Sunday

After the disappointment of the French men’s overall result, the 20,000 fans at Le Grand Bornand and the millions glued to the televisions were hoping for revenge thanks to our women.

The Tricolors, with six of the thirty authorized for initiation, had the advantage of numbers and, of course, the advantage of being driven into a frenzy by the public.

From the beginning of this competition, our biathletes set off on the right foot, aim straight and gradually enter the international competition. For example, Hanna Oeberg, Lisa Vittozzi and Denise Herrmann will lose their chances very quickly.

The competition will return after the first standing shoot with sisters Anais and Chloé Chevalier raising the thermometer a few degrees. Flawless in the shootout after 15 cleared targets, they take to the track alone and blast away sprint winner Anna Magnusson.

The public release adds to the volume of encouragement, it’s just fire everywhere at the trackside, and we begin to imagine a luxury double for the family.

But biathlon, that’s why we love it, will offer us another scenario after the last shot, which will see Anais and Chloé miss the target. Hidden well behind, Lisa Teresa Hauser used a perfect kick to take the lead.

The slender Austrian, who has already won once this season, will leave the firing line 7 seconds ahead of Julia Simon and Anais Chevalier Bouchet.

The two Habs try to combine their efforts, but Hauser was too strong and will earn himself a well-deserved hit, his 5th of his career.

The historical group was shot

We ignore all the stats, but we don’t remember having a World Cup race with five French women in the top nine. This is definitely a historic group shot.

But to be fair and objective, the doors are wide open this winter in the absence of Team Russia, Belarus, out-of-this-world Ukraine and Norway stars Ekhoff and Roeiseland. .

But they were open to all, and in this massive start, except Hauser and E. Oberg, only the Tricolors could push them to present this incredible result to a burning public.

Julia Simon, despite the pain in his leg, he will tear himself away in the final and finish second and, above all, bring the yellow apron under the tree, while the world can return to the living room at the end of March. .

Anais Chevalier-Bouchet, the biathlete, who is always ready to make big shots, takes the first podium of the season ahead of his family. And that would be enough for our happiness…

But today, a few hours or minutes after a possible third star for the French football team, it is the young stars of the Tricolores biathlon that shine once again.

Sophie Chauveau, This week he finished with a huge 5th place, living an absolute dream when measuring hell. Lou Jeanmonnot who defeats his best skill in his career and forgets the material care of the previous day.

Chloe Knight, The one who won by force of arms will smile less with his 8th place finish, but whatever, the results are simply magical and we relate. Caroline Colombo, failed 30, this team performance.

As we said this morning about men’s Norway, the next generation of our women is also pushing hard for the door to the highest level. This bodes very well for the next ten years…

Now is the time to quietly taste everything while waiting for the continuation in Pokljuka in early January.

As for this Grand Bornand stage, again perfect for today’s races, we will unfortunately have to wait until December 2024 to find such an atmosphere.

The IBU has chosen the Swiss resort of Lenzerheide, which will indeed host the World Cup in 2025, to host the 3rd round of the World Cup next year.

On the other hand, Le Grand Bornand is a certainty to return to the calendar in December 2024, 2025 and 2026, as early as the third week of December.

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