Who is the top scorer in the FIFA World Cup final?

Who is the player who scored the most goals in the final of the FIFA World Cup? GOAL gives you the answer.

The match between Argentina and France will be the 22nd final of the 1930 World Cup. But who is the top scorer in the final? Find the answer immediately.

Who scored the most goals in the World Cup final?

They are the four players who share the top spot in the tournament table with three goals: Brazilians Vava and Pele, Englishman Geoff Hurst and Frenchman Zinedine Zidane.

Which player scored a hat trick in the final of the World Cup?

This is England striker Geoff Hurst in the 1966 World Cup final between England and West Germany (2 goals to 4 after extra time). He scored his goals in the 18th, 101st and 120th minutes. His goal in the 101st minute is also controversial as it does not appear to have crossed the goal line (VAR and GOAL Line Technology did not exist at the time).

Which players scored twice in the World Cup final?

There are eight players who have scored twice in the World Cup final: Italians Colaussi and Piola in the 1938 final, German Rahn (in 1954), Brazilians Vava and Pele (in 1958), Argentinian Kempes (1978), Frenchman Zidane ( in 1998) and Brazilian Ronaldo (in 2002).

Which players have scored the most goals in the World Cup final?

Only four players have achieved the feat of scoring in multiple different finals: Brazilians Vava (1958 and 1962) and Pele (1958 and 1970), German Breitner (1974 and 1982) and Frenchman Zidane (1998 and 2006).

Which player scored a goal for his team in the final of the World Cup?

This happened only once, to Croatian Manduzkic, who scored a goal for the French team in 2018. Later, he made up for it by scoring a goal for his team in this final.

Scorers in the World Cup final, according to the publication

1930: Uruguay beat Argentina 4-2

Scorers for Uruguay: Dorado (12), Cea (57), Iriarte (68) and Castro (90).

Scorers in Argentina: Peucelle (20), Stabil (37).

1934: Italy beat Czechoslovakia 2-1 after extra time

Italy’s scorers: Orsi (81) and Schiavio (95).

Czechoslovakia’s goal scorer: Puch (76th).

1938: Italy beat Hungary 4-2

Italy’s scorers: Colaussi (6, 35) and Piola (16, 82).

Scorers for Hungary: Titkos (8th) and Sarosi (70th).

1950: Uruguay beat Brazil 2-1

Scorers for Uruguay: Schiaffino (66th) and Giggia (79th).

Brazil’s top scorer: Friaça (47th).

1954: West Germany beat Hungary 3-2

Scorers for West Germany: Morlock (10), Rahn (18, 84).

Scorers in Hungary: Puskas (6th), Chibor (8th).

1958: Brazil beat Sweden 5-2

Brazil scorers: Vava (9, 32), Pele (55, 90) and Zagallo (68).

Sweden’s scorers: Liedholm (4th), Simonsson (80th).

1962: Brazil beat Czechoslovakia 3-1

Scorers for Brazil: Amarildo (17), Zito (69) and Vava (78).

Czechoslovakia’s top scorer: Masopust (15th).

1966: England beat West Germany 4-2 after extra time

Scorers for England: Hurst (18th, 101st, 120th) and Peters (78th).

Scorers for West Germany: Haller (12th) and Weber (90th).

1970: Brazil beat Italy 4-1

Scorers in Brazil: Pele (18), Gerson (66), Jarizinho (71), Carlos Alberto (86).

Italy’s top scorer: Boninsenya (37th).

1974: West Germany beat the Netherlands 2-1

Scorers for West Germany: Breitner (26th, sp), G. Muller (44).

Netherlands scorer: Neeskens (2nd, sp).

1978: Argentina beat the Netherlands 3-1 after extra time

Scorers of Argentina: Kempes (38, 105) and Bertoni (115).

Netherlands scorer: Nanninga (82nd).

1982: Italy beat West Germany 3-1

Italy’s scorers: Rossi (57), Tardelli (69) and Altobelli (80).

West Germany’s top scorer: Breitner (83rd).

1986: Argentina beat West Germany 3-2

Argentina scorers: Brown (23), Valdano (56) and Burruchaga (84).

West German goalscorers: Rummenigge (74th) and Völler (81st).

1990: West Germany beat Argentina 1-0

West Germany scorer: Brehme (89th, sp).

1994: Brazil beat Italy 0-0 after extra time, 3 penalties to 2.

Only the final with no goals scored.

1998: France beat Brazil 3-0

Scorers of France: Zidane (27, 45+1, Petit, 90+3).

2002: Brazil beat Germany 2-0

Scorers in Brazil: Ronaldo (67, 79).

2006: Italy beat France 1-1 after extra time, 5 shots on goal to 3.

Italy’s top scorer: Materazzi (19th).

France’s top scorer: Zidane (7th, sp).

2010: Spain beat the Netherlands 1-0 after extra time

Spain’s top scorer: Iniesta (116th).

2014: Germany beat Argentina 1-0 after extra time

Germany’s top scorer: Götze (113th).

2018: France beat Croatia 4-2

Scorers of France: Manduzkic (18th, Csc), Griezmann (38th, sp), Pogba (59th), Mbappe (65th).

Scorers for Croatia: Perisic (28), Mandzukic (69).

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