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Crazy chase

This very cold day was supposed to start at 12:10 with the men’s pursuit, but at the last minute the organizers and the IBU delayed the start by 15 minutes because the track was very icy in places, bordering on dangerous.

Time and start will be given to rework certain transitions, but we will understand quite early in the race that some biathletes have problems with their equipment, especially Johannes Boe.

The untouchable World Cup leader was overtaken by senior Sturla Holm Laegreid from the first shot on a first foul. The two men would ski the second loop together and then crash.

Gradually, Johannes Boe could no longer ski, his skis did not stay on the piste and he almost fell several times. Meanwhile, Laegreid is flying and powerful Vetle Sjastad Christiansen comes back like a bomb from behind.

Equipped with different brands of skis, the two teammates of the world No. 1 literally left it there, leaving thousands of fans wondering what was going on.

Barring an impossible miracle, Johannes Boe can do nothing else and the victory will be decided in the final shootout between Christiansen and Laegreid. The powerful Vetle, who left with bib number 10, has yet to succeed this season, unlike Sturla’s car, he is not very calm.

Still flawless, the world number 2 would hit his last 5 goals with surprising skill, while his opponent slipped twice in the penalty ring, while J. Boe saved the podium with a brilliant last shot.

The final kilometers will almost be a formality for this great Sturla Holm Laegreid, who comes to offer a well-deserved 10th career success after all the podiums this season.

All smiles Vetle Sjastad Christiansen finally maintains his benchmark performance after a complicated start to the season. He finished third by 35 seconds, 24 seconds ahead of Johannes Boe, who had no weapon to do better.

A great 4th place for Fabien Claude

Vosguy, who finished 7th in the sprint, had big ambitions for this race and it will show. Fittingly, he’s racing the Norwegians on skis, but will still let Christiansen’s rocket pass in front of him.

Thanks to a perfect shot and the care of Johannes Boe, he will stay in the game for third place until the last shot. But when the yellow apron takes a clear round, he misses the last ball.

Unfortunately, he had to slide in the penalty area a second time, too much to get back to Boe, but it was enough to finish off the best Habs with this very nice 4th place, cheered by the crowd.

In 5th place, yes, we still find the Norwegian with hopeful Filip Andersen. Starting from the 15th position, he will score a good turn thanks to 19/20, before making a nice last corner that will allow him to overtake Quentin Fillon Maillet in particular.

Sebastian Samuelsson took 6th place in 1 minute 03.

Not a great day for our leaders

Magnificent 20/20’s Quentin Fillon Maillet started in 8th position, 1min10 behind Johannes Boe. And yet, despite his school shooting, he would finish the race in 7th place, 1 minute 10 behind the leader.

He didn’t know how to ski either and we felt it from the first lap. Perhaps penalized by his equipment, he saved his race with his accuracy.

For Emilien Jacquelin, this pursuit will not seem like much. From the start, he took all the risks following the sprint and came close to the Top 10 at the halfway mark before collapsing completely.

The Dauphinois would just miss six standing goals and finish in 30th place, over 3 minutes 30 clear of his rivals. Suffice it to say, he’ll be pretty nervous at the start of Sunday’s mass start.

If our two leaders haven’t had a good day, that’s not the case for Antonin Guigonnat. In front of his family, Haut Savoyard offers himself a good turnaround, rising from 25th to 8th despite four faults.

Unlike others, he had the ideal material to illuminate this rather disturbing quest with his script.

We also celebrate Florent Claude’s fine 12th, Tarjei Boe’s 15th and Emilien Claude’s 24th for Belgium. The excellent Swiss Niklas Hartweg, ill, did not start.

It continues and ends with a mass start on Sunday

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