FinStart marketplace: find the best financial advisors

Since its inception in 2020, the startup FinStart has connected financial, accounting, risk and compliance specialists with companies in need of sound advice.

Although the freelance market in France has been developing for several years mainly around many IT professions, it has long remained marginal in terms of finance-related activities. ” Our goal with FinStart is clear specifically promote freelance development in these professions by structuring the market to give companies faster and easier access to qualified professionals. », the company’s co-founder and president Grégoire Corcos is sure.

Quickly access independent consultants or consultants from consulting firms

As a former freelancer, Grégoire Corcos quickly realized the challenges freelancers can face in landing assignments with clients. On the business side, there has long been a certain form of taboo to recognize that a person is actually working as a freelancer. Faced with this double observation, FinStart founders Pierre Lévy and Grégoire Corcos then wanted to democratize this practice by launching their own marketplace. Freelancers can now create their profiles in two clicks so that companies can contact them directly or apply for different missions. customers on the platform.

Through the marketplace, companies have the opportunity to find an independent professional as well as a consultant from a consulting firm within minutes. ” The goal of our clients is to find the right profile independent or consulting firm needs; that’s why we offer these two options! “.

Consulting firms can offer the services of their consultants on the FinStart platform, but also have access to new consultants available for assignments. ” Apart from structuring the freelance market, we are now a central player bringing together all the players in the consulting market around the financial professions. “.

Respond to recruiting challenges

Facing the recruitment challenges faced by many companies today, bringing in external consultants appears to be a strategic solution. In the case of an employee’s resignation, for example, turning to a freelancer will allow you to maintain a certain fluidity with human resources, especially by preventing excessive workload for the teams in post.

Companies can hire a consultant to handle short tasks, whether it’s for a specific project lasting several months or not. “ Indeed, some projects do not require the hiring of a permanent employee; and offers convenience to businesses! Grégoire Corcos adds. Therefore, this system will be a win-win, allowing the consultant to earn a better living thanks to this status, while also offering the company the opportunity to save some money in the long run.

It should be noted that with FinStart, every independent consultant will be able to benefit from a mutual assistance community with numerous activities such as after work, meet and exchange with other freelancers.

Payroll carrier to support consultants

Through this activity, FinStart’s executives also realized that some advisors did not want to start working independently right away.

The company therefore launched an enabling payroll company called IziStart freelancers to benefit from employee benefits (unemployment, social benefits, pension, etc.) while maintaining independence. Thus, each consultant will have the opportunity to start activities according to their needs, being able to change their status within months.

Although the FinStart marketplace was created by financiers and for financiers, it currently unites approximately 2,000 advisors, as well as a hundred consulting firms of all sizes, specialized or generalist. Today, a great diversity of profiles that allows the company to meet the needs of many players, be it large accounts such as large French or foreign banks, but also companies in the field automotive or luxury industry.

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