Breaking children’s dreams, the Blues’ mission, the new heartless football option

From our Special Envoy in Doha,

“Everybody changes sidewalks when they come to the city, it doesn’t look like a man, but it’s scary to see.” Don’t ask us why, but when we thought of the angle of this post, we were reminded of this song by the late Daniel Balavoine and the imagination it evokes in us. Yes, that’s it, Didier Deschamps’ France team are a bunch of ugly lads who don’t necessarily play well with the ball, but beat everything in their path without the slightest remorse. Like hooligans scratching the convertible that a 50-year-old daredevil took years to pay off as a reward for hard work. Likewise, for fun.

Because that’s what the French will do in Sunday’s World Cup final against Argentina. Destroy Leo Messi’s quest to win the world title for the first time in his career and extinguish the hopes of an entire nation that has been living on it for a few weeks. To understand the state of dementia that has gripped Argentina in recent hours, take a look at the videos circulating on social media after Albiceleste’s win against Croatia. If the French win again, they are clearly unprepared for what will happen on Sunday.

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The little English supporter who was caught on camera with big crocodile tears in the quarter-final match against England, rest assured that in a few hours he won’t be crying alone anymore. If the Blues complete their evil deed of winning a second World Cup with the clinical coolness we know when it comes to the high masses of world football, a mixture of West Germany and West Germany, there are millions who will follow. 80s and modern Real Madrid in C1. And just like in the final against Croatia four years ago, the Blues and their swagger will stand alone against the rest of the world. We can almost believe Walid Regragui, the last victim of the tricolor zones, who said at his press conference on Tuesday, “now we will be behind them.” But he comes from Corbeil-Essones, that doesn’t count.

“You will have time to win others, you”

For the rest, we have not met a foreigner who will not lag behind Leo Messi’s group. For Leo Messi. For freelance journalist Wataru Funaki, Japan did not have to choose sides. Paris Saint-Germain number 30 is an absolute star in the land of the rising sun and they will be wearing blue and white on Sunday. “I want to see Messi become the world champion with my own eyes,” he shouts, his eyes already shining. He almost fulfilled his childhood dream eight years ago in the final against Germany, but unfortunately it fell short. This is his last chance to become a world champion like Maradona. The story could not be better. Messi can become God. Then you won the World Cup four years ago, good. You will have time to win more with Mbappe. For the Argentines, this is their last chance with Messi. »

True, on paper the story makes sense. Imagine if even the British would put aside their historical disputes over the Falkland Islands for Pulga’s beautiful eyes. Charlotte Harpur, The Athletic.

“I, my heart leans towards France because of my affinity with your country,” he told us in perfect French. But otherwise, everyone in England will be down with Messi considering this is his last World Cup. The British want to believe this great tale. Later, I know that if France wins, some will be reassured by saying, “Okay, we’re in the quarter-finals, but we lost to the winners, okay.” »

We also asked Belgian comedian Alex Vizorek more on principle because we already know his answer because we knew the poor guy never recovered from eliminating the Red Devils in the semifinals there.4 years old in Russia. “I was born in ’81, in Belgium at a slightly unprincipled time, and we were France’s rivals, no matter what, because the French were probably more arrogant then. You’d play North Korea, we’d be doing our hair like Kim Jong-un without a problem. So I was Moroccan on Wednesday, English last week and I’ll be Argentinian on Sunday, it’s mandatory, epidermal. Although all my friends are French, I live in France, I pay my taxes in France… If only the Germans would come back, I would defend you, but on the football field, no, that’s impossible (laughs)! »

South America united behind Messi

On the Colombian side, journalist Oscar Castillo Vaquero praises “South American solidarity” and explains that “Argentina will represent all the nations of South America at this World Cup on Sunday. Leo Messi should be rewarded for everything he has given to football for more than two decades,” he said. This vox-pop to complete it, we couldn’t help but ask our Brazilian colleague for his opinion, who, as neighbors and close rivals of the Argentines, are not going to submit to their dictates. happy ending all the same! Well, if… Well, at least for a good part.

“A lot of people in Brazil were fed up because the last time the South American country won the World Cup was in 2002, it’s been 20 years,” recalls Fernando Valeca. So even if it’s hard to back Argentina, a win would mean South America is still in the game. If the Blues win, the Europeans will complete 24 years of world domination, and that is hard to beat in Brazil. »

A victory for France will bring us to the Seleção and Italy, the only nations in history to win two consecutive World Cups. “It also has a role, he agrees. Because I can assure you that this performance of 58 and 62 is a national pride for us. Only we and Italy 100 years ago were able to do this in the world. I think the Brazilians are also afraid of falling behind the blues in this regard. “That might make a lot of people want to take comfort on a Sunday around 6 p.m.

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