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For the 2023 edition, SMCL announces a new initiative dedicated to sports in all areas: the Salon des Sports.

In 2023, the Salon des Maires expands the sports sector with the creation of the Salon des Sports, a new transversal exhibition dedicated to all sports, all exercises and all practitioners. In this Fair, both sports experiences and their development, sports facilities and places dedicated to athletes in clubs and outside the walls are envisaged. It will also touch upon the societal transformations that are affecting and impacting the world of sport in a period of complete transition.

The “sport” theme, a particularly dynamic sector at the show, already has more than 80 players, 20 exhibiting sports federations and associations and 10 institutional partners. France has more than 360 sports associations, 112,000 companies and sectors, and 448,000 jobs.

“The world of sports, which is rooted in a society that embraces the challenges of a changing world, has its own problems and its own actors. That’s why we decided to open up the sports sector of the Show, give it full space, introduce new topics, and especially emphasize the transitional issues that sport is all about. says Stephanie Guy-Torrente, director of the Salon des Maires et des Collectivités Locales. “Therefore, the Salon des Sports Sur tous les terrains will be an event dedicated to actors, management, equipment and facilities, the public… all sports professionals who practice and are committed to the development of sport. sports are good for everyone.”

Salon des Sports 2023 will be held within the Salon des Maires et des Collectivités Locales, in Hall 6 (not currently occupied by SMCL exhibitors). It will be held on November 21-23, 2023 together with the Exhibition of Mayors and Local Authorities.

Its aim: to better understand new practices in development and thus promote the necessary synergy and cooperation between sports professionals, decision-makers and funders. All these actors are responsible for a more varied and richer sports offer at the service of all practitioners, young and old, wherever they are, every day, in suitable places and optimized facilities.

The show will bring together players, federations, clubs, as well as equipment manufacturers, developers and all partners from the world of sports.

It collaborates with the Association of French Mayors and the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Committee, CNOSF, the Ministry of Sports, the National Sports Agency, the Association of Sports and Territories, ANDES (National Association of Elected Officials). sport), ANDISS (National Association of Directors of Sports Facilities and Services Operators), Union Sport et Cycles, FNOMS (National Federation of Municipal Sports Authorities), the show will be held upstream of the Olympic Games to unite national and local decision-making bodies. Authorities and downstream to promote the dynamism of the French market and its players, support transitions and spread sports activities in all areas.

This show will be a lever to assert the identity and specificity of French sport with a great and collective challenge: the widest possible, most unified and comprehensive “Olympic legacy”, Paris 2024.

During the launch conference of this “exhibition within an exhibition”, speakers and partners spoke alongside Stephanie Guy-Torrente: David LAZARUS, president of the working group responsible for sports at the AIF; Romain LACHENS, Director of the Paris 2024 Commitment; Elie PATRIGEON, Director General of the French Paralympic and Sports Committee; Vincent SAULNIER, Secretary General of ANDES; and Damien JACQUART of Union Sport & Cycle.

The speakers reminded that sport has a central place in the national socio-economic sphere, at the intersection of numerous challenges and solutions. We owe the last word to the representative of the Ministry of Sports: sport should become an instrument of state policy in all areas (social, health, economic, communication, etc.).

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An unmissable event for more than 20 years, the Salon des Mayors et des Collectivités Locales has supported elected officials and their teams in building various transition projects in their areas. It is aimed at all local authorities in the country and is organized by the INFOPRO DIGITAL group in collaboration with the French Association of Mayors and Inter-Municipal Presidents, whose annual congress is held in parallel. More information on and @salondesmaires.

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