Will the gas be cut off this winter? 16 nuclear reactors were still shut down, a week under the sign of consumption peaks

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? International

  • Dozens of the 27 EU member states, including Belgium, Italy, Poland and Slovenia It “significantly” lowers the ceiling set by the European Union for gas prices, the EU is having trouble finding an agreement on this measure. “The text did not go far enough towards what we could consider a satisfactory compromise,” they said.
  • Finland’s nuclear operator TVO postpones planned commercial start-up its Olkiluoto 3 EPR reactor for February 6 at the earliest, he announced last Friday.
  • signs a cooperation agreement for EDF and Fortum development of new nuclear projects SMR type (Small Modular Reactors) as well as large nuclear and EPR reactors in Finland and Sweden.
  • The Ministry of Economy in Germany announced the upcoming reception 1st floating LNG terminal – Hoegh Esperanza – in charge Nigerian LNG in the country. This FSRU-type boat will be loaded with gas equivalent to “the consumption of 50,000 households for a year”.
  • Bulgaria has to shut down one of the two reactors At its Kozlodoui power plant after a water leak was discovered that did not cause an increase in radioactivity, according to the operator.

? in France

  • On Friday, December 9, the GRDF reviewed its winter strategy. If it’s on the electrical side, the anxiety spreads possible cuts, you don’t have to worry when it comes to gas. “We have a possible downside risk for certain customers, but they will not target individuals”, assured Alexandre Ducrouet, regional director of the GRDF Marne-Ardennes. On the other hand, reductions can be envisaged for companies and industrialists whose consumption exceeds 5 GWh per year. These customers have already been identified in the prefecture (500 customers in Grand Est; 5,000 in France).
  • On Sunday, December 11, the government approved the decree Eligibility and validity conditions of the exceptional energy audit for 2022will begin to be sent on holidays “spread[e] for about eight weeks.” Energy suppliers are “only required to pay the exceptional energy voucher by 31 March 2024” and it “can only be submitted for reimbursement until 31 May 2024,” the decree warns.
  • From Friday, December 9 16 of France’s 56 reactors are still shut down for maintenance or repairs, and two were able to return to service overnight from Thursday to Friday, EDF announced. “This morning, 40 reactors were connected to the network [vendredi 9 décembre]”, the electrician’s management told AFP.
  • In the middle of the cold weather, French nuclear production however, it surpassed 40 GW this weekend, the first since March 11, 2022. After rising above 40 GW on Saturday, it reached 40.6 GW at 11:00 GMT on Sunday. Emmanuelle Wargon, president of the Commission for the Regulation of Energy (CRE), estimated on Friday that France will reach 40 GW of generating capacity “next month” in Europe 1.

? Drink

  • According to estimates published by network operator RTE, consumption could be More than 80 GW several times throughout the week, with an expected peak on Thursday, December 15. According to forecasts, as of this Monday, a first peak of 80.8 GW is expected at 7:00 p.m., followed by another Thursday at about 81.4 GW at 7:00 p.m.

? Others

  • Since the Covid-19 crisis, French students seem to be interested again civilian core. Nuclear engineering education is attracting an increasing number of students 70% increase in enrollment Between 2018 and 2022. At the University of Paris-Saclay, which offers a Master’s in Nuclear Energy in English, there is renewed attraction for the sector: “Until now there were many dismantling courses, but this year, there has been a rebalancing”, analyzes professor and master’s coordinator Gaël Sattonnay.

☀️ Renewable energies

  • The Assembly adopted several provisions of the bill on Friday to accelerate the production of renewable energyIncluding the obligation to install photovoltaic shades on outdoor car parks over 1,500 m² and new exemptions for waterfront installations.
  • Google Doodle honors Mária Telkes An animated Doodle was dedicated to him on Monday to celebrate his 122nd birthday. Mária Telkes was a Hungarian-American scientist whose pioneering work in solar energy resulted in many inventions, including the first solar-powered house, earning her the nickname “Queen of the Sun.” Sun”.


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