What are 10 video games to slide under the tree?

Video games, big Christmas stars. As at the end of every year, they manage to find their own place under the tree. It must be said that the video game market is constantly in motion. It has established itself as the best cultural industry in France, surpassing books and even cinema so far, with a turnover of 5.6 billion euros in our territory in 2021.

An increasingly popular cultural product that allows people to escape and enjoy privileged screen time. Today, video game productions are real steamrollers, comparable to Hollywood films. The games published this year prove it. Elden Ring, God of War: Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West. The means to excite gamers around the world with a controller in hand is now huge.

That’s why Fun Radio has put together a selection of the best video games for you to slide under the Christmas tree. Whether you’re a fan of adventure games, sports games, or games to share with the family, this list is made for you.

1. “Elden Ring”

One of the titles of 2022 is a must. A Bandai Namco game that won the top prize (game of the year) at the Games Awards (a kind of Oscar for video games). absolutely fascinating. Benefiting from a rich universe, the new born from FromSoftware is one of this year’s reliable values. It uses the formula that ensures epic success Dark Souls and thanks to the contribution of Georges RR Martin, whose signature we recognize, manages to improve it.

If you are a fan of dragons, knights and other wizards, you cannot miss this little wonder, which will keep you fascinated for a very long time, because the life of the game is very large. You can also share this journey in multiplayer and explore this universe with your friends.

Available on PC and consoles (Xbox and PlayStation).

2. “Horizon Forbidden West”

The formula proposed in the first episode, Horizon Zero Dawn it was already a success. Integrated into this support achieves a level of excellence rarely seen. Guerrilla Games takes their prowess even further with this sequel to Aloy’s adventures. With the controller in your hand, you will experience deeper, more effective and more effective sensations.

The dialogue scenes are very Hollywood and will sometimes remind you of certain ones Our last. If you want to immerse yourself deeper into the scenario, you can interrogate your interlocutor for longer through several options. As with the first part, it’s not a commitment, but if you want to learn more about the characters, it’s very interesting (even better than the official guide). Horizon Forbidden West indeed, he marked the year 2022 with his masterful adventure.

Available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 only.

3. “Quarry”

A supposed homage to the 90s fighters. The beginning of the game immerses you in the atmosphere of this horror movie, whose tragic outcome we already know. Nine students reunite to spend the summer as camp supervisors at Hackett’s Quarry summer camp. Everything seems unusual. It is surrounded by a green forest, a soothing lake and a welcoming cottage. Unfortunately, things will not go as planned for our friends as they will be stranded in the building due to a car breakdown on the last day of the holiday, thus postponing their departure until the next day. The group then wants to present a final unforgettable evening under a dazzling full moon during an unforgettable bonfire.
Quarry keeps his promise. It offers us an engaging adventure with lovable characters. Despite some flaws, the experiment is a real success. Supermassive Games clearly master their subject. It would be a shame for horror game fans to miss this deadly fun adventure..

Available on PC and consoles (Xbox and PlayStation).

4. “FIFA 23”

A must-have of the year. FIFA 23 It’s definitely the most generous episode we’ve ever had the chance to do. Between a particularly rich career mode, the popular FUT that needs no introduction, a new feature-packed Volta mode, a great online mode and a great coverage of the women’s teams, this latest episode of FIFA offers a delicious cocktail of modernism. .

Before moving on to EA Sports FC, the Canadian studio presents its community with a very complete final episode. FIFA 23 clearly not the best episode of the series, but still offers a more realistic gaming experience. We are a long way from the arcade format seen a few years ago. Not a great revolution, but a beautiful evolution.
Available on PC and consoles (Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch).

5. “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2”

Fascinating episode. Like every year, the best-selling war game comes back and tries to offer us a new adventure that matches its ambitions. In this new work, Infinity Ward [les développeurs, ndlr] light up a game that’s more realistic than ever. Especially thanks to the new, especially powerful graphics engine that honors current consoles. The title offers a fun single-player campaign and an addictive multiplayer mode. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 this is one of the unmissable games of 2022.

Available on PC and consoles (Xbox and PlayStation).

6. “God of War: Ragnarok”

Best game of the year? Likely. Santa Monica Studio gives us a new gem that it would be a shame not to check out If you own Sony’s latest console. Boasting an amazing soundtrack (and perfectly successful voice dubbing), a story rich with twists, lovable characters, elegant realization and solid gameplay, the title will surely know how to surprise. But is it better than the episode released in 2018? Yes, very clear. Even if the surprise effect remains less than the slap received four years ago, this new opus is nothing short of epic.

Real ecstasy. With the controller in hand, you will enjoy controlling Kratos to kill the various enemies of the game. God of War 2018. The developers said they focused on adding some well-found gameplay elements to offer even more frustrating controls.

Available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 only.

7. “Dark Image Anthology: The Devil Within”

Are you ready to rock the end of the year? Dark picture anthology returns with a new adventure called The devil in me. It covers the gameplay mechanics that have been built since the release of the first part. Medan man in 2019. A game based on searching for clues and very movie oriented. It’s almost like sometimes we want to drop the controller to watch the adventure like we sit down to enjoy a movie on our couch.

The game is particularly beautiful and takes us into the heart of a late 19th-century hotel with gruesome corridors that hit the headlines, an exact replica of the Castle of Murders made regrettably famous by HH Holmes, the first series. the killer american. You travel around the place with different characters with very different characteristics. Although some gameplay elements (like the slowness of the characters) seem annoying, the game is fun to play. And for good reason, the adventure is well-crafted and the moments of fear well-earned. The devil in me won us over and will take pride of place at the foot of your Christmas tree.
Available on PC and consoles (Xbox and PlayStation).

8. “A Tale of the Plague: Requiem”

Made in France, simply exceptional. A Tale of the Plague: Requiem is the real video game surprise of this year. Developed by French studio Asobo Studio, the game takes us back to the story of Amicia and her younger brother Hugo, who suffers from a mysterious curse. The two will have to help each other during the journey. The title manages to captivate us for a twenty-hour game in a France immersed in the heart of the fourteenth century. Benefiting from a masterful soundtrack, finely written screenplay, solid realization and intelligent gameplay, the game manages to enchant and surprise.

Available on PC and consoles (Xbox and PlayStation).

9. “Knights of Gotham”

Batman is no more, long live the Dark Knight. Gotham lost its hero and iconic figure to make way for the next generation. Robin, Nightwing Batgirl, Red Hood embark on a thrilling adventure in crime-ridden Gotham. Sticky streets, crumbling buildings, residents fearing the violence that grips Gotham. The atmosphere of the game is excellent and can be quite satisfying for fans of the first watch of Batman.
Available on PC and consoles (Xbox and PlayStation).

10. “Pokemon Scarlet and Purple”

Pokémon is back and will once again provide great hours in front of your screen. This RPG is one of Nintendo’s most advanced for this year 2022. And for good reason, the game is quite addictive as it benefits from the great gameplay ideas of its predecessor. Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Pokémon Scarlet and Purple is one of the year’s surprises, thanks to its sparkling graphics, great lifespan, and well-thought-out gameplay.

Only available on Nintendo Switch.

Bonuses. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PlayStation Plus Premium

These two subscriptions give you access to a huge library of games. Whether current or new, you can enjoy great titles and great adventures for just a few euros a month. These two subscriptions, which are kind of Netflix video games, are the perfect solution to enjoy the best titles with pleasure.

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