Independence or lack of organization

Independence or lack of organization

Independence or lack of organization

Another statement is attached National Independence Front (FIN)this time in connection with the recent statement of the Ministry of Economy Hydro-QuebecI mean Peter Fitzgibbon (pictured) and then who said we all have to be more ” sober energy level. we Communist Party of Quebec (PCQ)fully confirm this statement.


Pierre Fitzgibbon, our minister of fraud and trust scandals, recently invited Quebecers. energy conservation “. In addition to the fact that we will never tire of millionaires inviting us to save under the guise of inflated formulas, this is equivalent to 93% of the Maniquag River that will be sold to Americans in contracts at friendly prices. Behind the call to collectively give up what little we have, our neighbors to the south “so that we can have good prices Quebec will benefit from two generations of killing themselves at work,” laments one engineer. Montreal Magazine.

The economy, the war, the energy transition: it’s all good to swallow the pill. ” Tighten your belt or freeze, bigger reasons beckon “. The CAQ mainly reflects the historical situation of Quebec only: to be a bargaining chip for the peoples who actually participate in history. It is the expression of a nationalism that exists by crushing itself before the grandeur of an endless order, the only way out of which is to stand out. We can only always sell more to the highest bidder. And pirouettes have no shortage of inventions to convince us of the relevance of the powerless game of politics.

Those who reap royalties on our discounted water, those who hunt down pesticide whistleblowers, those who poison our air with arsenic, those who turn a blind eye to tax havens, those who ruin our river, and those who collapse in front of mining companies. Using our expertise and wealth to sell us processed products that we pay more for… This is provincial nationalism: vouchers and aplaventism in a tie that speaks everyone’s language the better to prevent our competition.

If we don’t decide to do this, perhaps the conditions of a changing world will put us up against a wall: independence or organized scarcity.

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