Canadiens favorite Jesse Puljujarvi needs to be replaced this season

Jesse Puljujarvi never quite found his footing with the Edmonton Oilers. He left the club shortly before the pandemic – for Europe – did not live up to expectations in his first years in the NHL.

He’s finally back, and after starting to show some improvement (29 goals in two seasons, 120 games), he’s really regressed this year.

The results? A little disappointed.

Recently, he said he was really disappointed with his performances and increasingly wondered if the NHL was the right league for him going forward. He came out to the media en masse, as many boys have done this year.

The player, who signed a one-year contract worth three million dollars, will become a restricted free agent next summer. Will he choose to return to Europe once and for all?

Or can a change of weather do any good?

In fact, Elliotte Friedman reported, the Oilers have some sort of verbal agreement with Puljujarvi: if it doesn’t work out this year, we’ll trade you. And it clearly doesn’t work.

Friedman is among those who believe the player will be replaced.

Of course, Puljujarvi cut some of the GM’s bargaining power by saying he wasn’t sure he fit in the NHL. There is no doubt about it.

As long as Evander Kane is injured, Ken Holland has cap space and needs strikers. So there is no rush in the file, but still: not ideal.

If he had to go, could the Canadian be the solution?

In fact, Marco D’Amico reports that Kent Hughes was interested in the Oilers’ European forward’s availability on the sidelines of this summer’s Montreal draft.

The Canadian is at a time when (in fact, he should take the risk). It is by trading at low prices that we can sometimes uncover small finds that help rebuild. #SeanMonahan

Major teams won’t sign Puljujarvi, who cost three million dollars this season and hasn’t produced. If a trade is made, it will be in favor of the base ranking club.

Could the Canadiens try to build a trade around Joel Edmundson to get Puljujarvi (and of course a few other items) before the deadline?

Because yes, the Oilers love Edmundson. Obviously more than Josh Anderson.

Holland and Hughes have already danced together in the past (Brett Kulak) and I’m sure CH management is now trying to sniff out the right business opportunity for the club.

Then proceed.


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