▷ 4 tips to have a better open rate of your marketing emails

Are you regularly sending marketing emails to your customers, but your open rate is not very good? Looking for tips to improve the open rate of your marketing emails? Emails are a very good way to communicate with your customers because they have a relatively good open rate. However, if you want to improve the open rate of the emails you send to your customers, there are a few best practices to know and follow. For your next communication campaign, we offer you some tips to have a better open rate of your marketing emails…

Verify the authenticity of the addresses in your customer file

Above all, if you want to increase the open rate of your marketing emails, we recommend taking the time to review and update your customer file. For example, if you have a duplicate email address, a customer will potentially only open your newsletter once. That way, you’ll lower your open rate by not clicking a second time. Similarly, if you send your message to an address that is no longer valid, you have no chance of your communication being opened, but your sending statistics will be bad for you.

In order to have a good open rate of your emails, it is important to always have an updated mailing list. For this, you can use software that will greatly simplify your work and quickly become one of your customer relations partners. Software like Captain Verify, for example, will identify all duplicate emails or invalid addresses for you. After checking all the details of your customer file properly, your mailings will definitely be more effective.

Pay special attention to the subject of the email

Next, we recommend paying special attention to the subject of the email, as this will make your customers want to open the message or not. Most people actually receive a lot of messages in their email inbox every day. That way, they won’t necessarily have time to open them all, and the subject line of the email will make people want to look at that message in particular. Speak directly to your customers in the subject line and put yourself in their shoes to give them a good reason to open your email.

Also, leave no doubt and say why you are contacting them right from the subject line of your email. An object that is too blurry or doesn’t try will significantly lower your boot speed. If you have a giveaway or an amazing new product, let your customers know right away and get them to open your marketing email.

Write the relevant content

Another tip, we recommend systematically writing relevant content. While your content won’t affect the opening of a specific email itself, it will directly affect the open rate of your next message.

In fact, if you don’t engage your customers with your email, there’s little chance they’ll want to open your next newsletter. Therefore, your open rate will decrease as your emails progress. Conversely, if you write relevant content and offer your customers interesting content they expect, they will want to open your email. You will be able to create a special relationship and build trust with them. In this case, your open rate will increase because your messages are interesting.

Choosing the right time to send your marketing emails

Finally, if you want to optimize your loading speed, certain times of the day and week are more convenient. Your customers will be more likely to open your emails at certain times than at others. For the optimal open rate, we recommend that you send your marketing emails between 10:00 am and 11:00 am or after 8:00 pm. These are the times when people are most likely to check their private messages. In the case of a newsletter, set a specific day of the week to create a regular rhythm and avoid sending on weekends for your open rate.

And you, what are your tips for improving your marketing email open rate?

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