World Cup (H): Relive the quest for Hochfilzen


Thank you all for watching this race with us, the recap will be available on our website in a few minutes. See you in a few days at the French stage of this biathlon season, in Annecy – Le Grand-Bornand. A good end to Sunday!


With this new victory, Boe will gain a lot of points (90) and continue to lead the overall standings.


As for other Frenchmen: F. Claude took 11th, Guigonnat 15th and E. Claude 41st.


The status quo is Laegreid 2nd, Jacquelin 3rd, Fillon Maillet 4th and Hartweg 5th.


Jacqueline Fillon is 15 seconds ahead of Maillet in the last intermediate stage. It smells good for him for the podium after the Norwegians.

14:48 Done, a quiet and solo victory for Johannes Boe! The Norwegian had felt very lonely before this Sunday, and then he didn’t bother.


At 11.1 km, Jacqueline still leads Fillon Maillet by 13 seconds. It is this duel that will enliven the end of the race even more.


It will be 18/20 for Guigonnat and 17 for F. Claude.


It will be 18/20 for Guigonnat and 17 for F. Claude.


19/20 Fillon Maillet takes 4th ten seconds behind Jacquelin as the others (Seppala, Ponsiluoma and Dale) have cracked!


18/20 for Laegreid, 17 for Jacqueline. The podium seems frozen now!


It will be 18/20 for Boe this Sunday, but that shouldn’t stop him from picking up his 4th win of the season.


Boe leads Laegreid and Jacquelin by more than a minute at the distance of 9.1 km. Without flare, the Norwegian is on his way to quiet success.


Behind it, Guigonnat provides, unlike F. Claude, who interprets two defects.


Fillon Maillet is 7th out of 14 out of 15. There are 40 seconds to the podium.


After the 3rd inning, Boe is again 55 seconds ahead of his first pursuer. It smells so good already.


Behind her, Laegreid and Jacqueline each make a mistake…


With a comfortable lead, Boe is 5-for-5 on foot shots.


Laegreid was about 32 seconds behind Boe at 6.1km, while Jacqueline was 55th.


Guigonnat, F. Claude and E. Claude also get a 9 out of 10 after sleeping.


It’s Fillon Maillet’s turn to score 9 out of 10…


If Laegreid makes it 10 from 10, Jacquelin also makes a mistake and will see the two Norwegians run ahead.


After a good start to the race, Boe had to settle for 9 out of 10 at the stretch and so it would take some time.


For now, Boe is quietly leading the race by more than 50 seconds.


Guigonnat and F. Claude also go 5-for-5.


Shortly after, Fillon Maillet makes it 5 out of 5 and moves into fourth position.


In the back, if Laegreid is faster than Jacquelin, the two don’t go wrong.


Going 5-for-5 down the stretch, Boe is off to a strong start and will continue his run in the solo lead.


As the biathletes gradually separate, Jacquelin and Laegreid follow Boe together.

14:15 Let’s go with Boe first!


Just a few minutes before the start of the men’s pursuit in Hochfilzen, time for final adjustments.


Ahead of Annecy v Le Grand-Bornand in a week’s time, the Blues will no doubt be eager to shine to gain momentum this season.


Quentin Filon Maillet, seventh at the start, 1’09 behind Boe, will be the first to reach the podium.


Indeed, the winner of Friday’s sprint will start with a 43-second lead over Norwegian Emilien Jacquelin and 47 seconds ahead of Sturla Laegreid.


Johannes Boe, who has been in very good form at the start of the season (three wins), will be the big favorite on the day, especially since he will have a good advantage from the start.

13:45 Hello everyone and welcome to our website to watch the Hochfilzen men’s pursuit live for the Biathlon World Cup. Beginning of military operations from 14:15.

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