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It’s been thirteen years since James Cameron’s Avatar (2009) took audiences by storm. With innovations in cinematography technology, the team helped define what the future of movie blockbusters would be. With a story detailing the ups and downs of humanity, it took an epic cast to pull together this opening salvo to an epic franchise.

Here we take a look at the cast of Avatar: The Last Airbender (2022), the sequel to this epic film. We will cover the role they play and the notable roles they have played in the past. These can be well-known roles or roles that can help them gain experience for the next step in their career.

6/6 Stephane Lang

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Stephen Lang has a long biography dating back to 1985. In this film, he will play a strong and violent character, which he has a lot of experience with as he is famous for his role as Norman Nordstrom or The Blind Man. Don’t breathe a duology. Stephen Lang has also appeared in video games, playing the role of Elias Walker in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Stephen Lang is no stranger to the Avatar franchise, having played Colonel Miles Quaritch, a powerful and antagonistic force against his native Na’vi. This role was so effective that Stephen Lang received the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor. He is set to reprise the role despite the character’s death in the first film.

5/6 Curtis Cliff

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Cliff Curtis has been working in Hollywood since the early 90s. He appeared in films such as The Last Airbender (2010), in which he played the role of Fire Lord Ozai. Although the film received mixed reviews, Cliff Curtis appeared in well-received films such as Jonah Hobbs: Hobbs & Shaw in Fast & Furious Presents and Billy Freeman in Doctor Sleep. One of his most famous roles would appear on television in the movie “Far the Walking Dead”.

Cliff Curtis will play one of the most important roles in this film, as he will be the Tonovari, the leader of a new tribe of Pandorans known for their excellent water skills. Cliff Curtis spends a lot of time in the water, as he also played James “Mac” Mackrides in The Meg (2019).

4/6Kate Winslet

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Kate Winslet is moving on to another big franchise. The star actress was part of the series Divergent, taking on the antagonistic role of Jeanine Matthews. She was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role as Rose DeWitt Bukater in Titanic (1997).

Kate Winslet will play the role of Metkayina member Ronal. Kate Winslet gave the first news about the role. Winslet held her breath for more than seven minutes while filming and set a record for many of her scenes underwater. His character was noted to be one of the best free divers of the Metkayina clan.

3/6 Sigourney Weaver

20th century fox

Sigourney Weaver experienced a resurgence in her career after starting with her first Alien film in 1979. After playing the title character Ellen Ripley in one of the biggest sci-fi horror franchises, Weaver went on to make multiple appearances in several major franchise projects, including The Defenders (where she played antagonist Alexandra Reid) and Ghostbusters (where she played the role). supporting role, Dana Barrett.)

Sigourney Weaver in the first Avatar movie Dr. She played the role of Grace Augstine, for which she would win the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress. Although Dr. Grace Augustine was the victim of the epic final battle, Sigourney Weaver is set to return to the franchise as a new character. He will play Kiri, a Na’vi teenager supported by Jake and Neytiri.

2/6 Zoe Saldana

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The first Avatar movie was a rocket ship for Zoe Saldana’s career, the actress went on to a more impressive career after her stellar performance in the film. In the thirteen years since the first film, Saldana has landed roles as Gamora in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise and is set to star in the upcoming Paramount Plus series Lioness (2023).

Zoe will reprise her role as Neytiri, despite Neytiri becoming the new spiritual leader of the Na’vi between films. After the events of the first film, Neytiri learns to be the leader of her tribe and now fully trusts Jake Sully as her partner. Alongside him, Neytiri prepares to protect her people as viewers begin to see what the rest of Pandora has to offer.

1/6 Sam Worthington

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Sam Worthington has experience playing a serious action hero, although perhaps more people know him from his work in video games than his work on the big screen. Worthington, who played the iconic war hero Alex Mason in the Call of Duty: Black Ops franchise, was honored to lead the popular gaming franchise to record sales. He also played Captain Glover in the action film Hacksaw Ridge (2016).

Returning to the franchise, Sam Worthington plays Jake Sully, a paraplegic US Marine Corps veteran who replaces his twin brother in the RDA’s (Resources Development Administration) “avatar” program. Jake initially acted as a bodyguard, but over time he grew closer to the Na’Vi and sided with them in the coming war. With new and old threats on the horizon, Jake must prove himself as a capable leader as he prepares his people for survival.

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