The right to enjoy nature is non-negotiable with Finance.

On this anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in these days marked by an evolution towards dismantling and ridiculing human and social rights, giving finance the power to decide the value of life is unacceptable.. Right to life for all necessarily, it cannot be subject to predatory economic interests. Therefore, on the occasion of COP15 on biodiversity, we protest private patents on living things and the financialization of all elements of the natural world.

Warning! There is an urgent need to stop the transformation of nature into “natural capital”.

No to those who take over capitalist life. The value of nature is not its price as capital.

About COP15 on biodiversity in Montreal.

As Agora of Earthlings, we are deeply concerned about the growing influence of private global financial institutions within national and international government bodies.

Recall that their success in 2012 in the final declaration of the Third World Earth Summit of the United Nations to include the principle of monetization of nature (the “Nature Valuation Principle”) was a harmful decisive step. the road to privatization and financialization of the natural world. He was a supporter of the monetization of nature Natural Capital Finance Alliance in this regard, it won the support of many countries and UNEP (United Nations Environment Program).


Since 2012, financiers have only collected theses on “” whose success is increasingly supported, especially in the UN environment and in the political-scientific world. nature-based solutions“serves to fight the ecological-climate crisis. However, these theses are based on the postulate that nature is first of all defined as “natural capital” and considered as an economic resource subject to the laws and mechanisms of the dominant market economy. One immediately sees where the work of mystification is. Among the most recent successes, we must remember the decision taken in September 2021 in accordance with the above, with the help and encouragement of BlackRock, the world’s most powerful private investment fund. management of 30% of natural world elements (natural capitals )- to a new category of companies, the Natural Capital Corporations– Nac is listed on the stock exchange. What is troubling and unacceptable is that US President Joe Biden has responded publicly and quickly by saying that he is willing to facilitate the control of 30% of the US natural world by the NAcs.

However, Nature Capitals Coalition, currently the most powerful private organization in this field, with more than 400 members of financial and other companies from the Western world, is massively and officially participating in COP15. It offers a range of events (conferences, working groups, etc.), most of which are open to the public.

Its aim is, among other things, to obtain public political approval of the commitment of large companies to self-assess and publish the impacts of their activities on the nature and dependence on nature in relation to COP15.

This proposal appears to be positive, inspired by good intentions aimed at promoting and ensuring the protection and care of the natural world, which has been seriously undermined and corrupted. We do not believe there is a conspiracy by the Coalition of Natural Capitals. They honestly and openly believe that ownership and control of the natural world by private corporate capitalism is the right solution. Against the background of the results of the last 70 years of “economic development”, it is right to consider their theses completely false.

In reality, their proposals are mysterious and dangerous, because within the framework of existing legislation, including the above obligation regarding patents of private property to live for profit, it gives complete freedom to transnational companies in the field of agribusiness, chemistry, food. , health and knowledge, to dispose of the life of the Earth as they wish.

At Agora, we propose that civil society take a stand at COP15 and fight against the proposals of the Natural Capital Coalition, in the face of the abolition of private patents on living things, as well as the continuation of the monetization of nature.

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