[TEST] The devil in me

The devil in me is the fourth part of Dark Pictures. For this chapter, Supermassive Games This time it takes us to the Hôtel de L’Exposition, famous for being the site of the 1893 massacre of serial killer HHHolmes.


In The devil in me, you are invited to visit an exceptional reconstruction of the World’s Fair hotel built by American serial killer HH Holmes. You play as members of the Lonnit Entertainment team, low-budget documentary producers who are lured in by the promise of something unusual that could boost the viewership of their TV show. To survive this deadly trap, they will have to make impossible choices under the constant gaze of their bloodthirsty hosts.

You don’t change a recipe that works! For this 4th piece Dark Pictures, The devil in me It is built in the same way as its predecessors. The prologue plunges us into 1893. The two playable characters are a young couple who come to see the Universal Exposition. Unsurprisingly, regardless of our choices and actions, our two lovers are promised a tragic fate as they are killed by someone we nicknamed. The Chicago Beast.

After the prologue, we return to meet our old friend Le conservative. “Oh, you’re back.” He seems to remember us, too, and doesn’t hesitate to support our fascination for a new sick story. After his speech ends, flash back to 2022 and the beginning of a nightmare for our team members Lonnit Entertainment


In general, the style of play The devil in me remains the same as the previous parts. We have the option to play solo or with others locally or online. The level of difficulty is defined in 3 levels: patient, difficult, fatal; and can be changed at any time in the game (a good point if the game seems too hard or too easy during the chapters). Our choices and actions affect the relationship between characters, as well as the potential for each to die.

However, many features have been added The devil in me. Previously, the game was too much for us: the character could only move forward and backward Qty at the right time. Here we can now jump, climb, move decorative elements and even maintain some balance during a graceful transition (for example, moving along a tree trunk). It is clear that these additions bring a certain dynamism to the game. A way to renew the license.

Apart from these new interactions, a inventory is now available and each character has their favorite items interact with certain elements (objects, puzzles). Charlie There are business cards that allow you to touch boxes or doors, as well as a lighter for dark passages. kate has a pen to detect messages, Jamie thanks to its casing, it can restore the current. Mark and Erin as for them, they have more audio-visual oriented tools. Microphone and headsetErin allows you to hear sounds coming from different directions (mainly yelling or screaming), a way to add an even tighter dip!

This collection is addedobols : these symbolic coins were used to pay the smuggler for the dead. In addition to classic predictions and emerging mystery tables, it brings a bonus complements !

Of course, let’s not forget the classic, but effective jump scares. While some are fairly predictable, most hit the mark and will have you jumping out of your seat. A tip: play in the dark for better immersion and a more immersive atmosphere!

The devil in meDespite these very good points, some mistakes remain, and the most obvious one is the dialogues. Sometimes the character will start speaking English again (when the selected language is French). Sometimes there are single sentences, sometimes whole passages. A large labial slip as seen: the character’s mouth begins to curl, and the sound of his voice does not come out after a few seconds. Bugs that don’t stop us from playing, but are a little annoying because they take us out of the game.


The devil in me is a new excellent work of his anthology Dark pictures. That’s enoughthe role of finding the heads of antagonists from old games, but creating new characters with different accessories and cutscenes. As well as finding actresses and singers Jessie Buckley in the role Kate Wilder. The new interaction features as well as the new inventory are very much appreciated and add a good dynamic to the game. The story is engaging, good horror immersion and the characters are interesting. In short, if you are a fan of horror movies, don’t miss this chapter 4 Dark Pictures.

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