at home, in the building, what to do?

A gas smell in your home or building is a sign that there is a gas leak, or that one of your appliances or pipes is faulty. We must act quickly to limit the risk of domestic accidents.

An abnormal smell of gas indicates a faulty device or element (pipe, nut, valve, etc.). Then there is risk of gas exhaust or leakage, for example at boiler level. When you smell gas in your home, you should act immediately. How do you know it smells like gas? Yes smell does it look like gas? What to do ? Consult with us fire extinguisher.

Gas normally used in heating and cooking appliances – methane, butane or propane mostly – odorless in its natural state. But to be able to notice possible gas leaka chemical component sulfur base included in the gas; known as mercaptan or THT the smell of eggs or rotten cabbage. This odorant allows the gas to be detected in the air at a minimal concentration.” points to our interlocutor. To note brew (Very dangerous to breathe, responsible for 150 deaths a year in France) no smell. In other words, if you smell gas in your home, it’s not carbon monoxide, but natural gas, butane, methane, or propane.

What are the possible causes of gas smell?

The presence of an abnormal gas smell indicates the potential gas exhaust there may be several reasons for this:

  • Badly closed faucet
  • Loose nut
  • Defective or worn unit or hose
  • Gas cylinder leak

What to do if you smell gas at home?

Dig around your home and if you smell even the faintest of rotten eggs or sulfur, it could be a leak. If possible, the pipe should be closed at the blocking valve (closing the red button of the gas valve), leave the building leaving the doors and windows open to ventilate and facilitate technician intervention and notify the fire brigade or number. Gas Safety Emergency 0 800 47 33 33 once you are outside, safe and away from the smell of gas“, explains the firefighter. Limit all sources of ignition around the suspected area: do not light cigarettesavoid using any electrical device or item (electrical device, flashlight, telephone, switches, etc.) near the gas leak.

What to do if you smell gas in the building?

If you smell gas in common areas or in the building, alert your neighbors, evacuate and call emergency services.“said our interlocutor. In any case, you should not:

  • call,
  • turn on the lights or turn the switch
  • use any energy source that may cause a gas explosion.

Who should you call if you smell gas?

“You need to call the toll-free number Gas Safety Emergency 0 800 47 33 33 (call is free, available 24 hours a day), fire extinguishers 18 or 112″, list our interlocutor. If you see a flame or a fire has occurred, call 112 directly.

Prevention: what to do to avoid risks?

Call a certified “gas specialist” technician will check and ensure the quality of your gas appliances as well as the maintenance of your equipment according to applicable standards.

Maintain your gas boiler every year (mandatory). During his visit, the specialist checks all elements of your installation and can carry out a sweep of your evacuation channels at your request.

Thanks to Captain Vincent Lombart, a firefighter and former firefighter from Paris.

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