Remaster or remake? This is what the editorial team wants to revive!

Welcome to this new essay on game remasters. Each in turn, we’ll suggest which games we’d like to see ported to current consoles on the editorial staff. Old or new, we’ll (re)introduce you to what we believe deserves an overhaul. After the excellent remasters of Crisis Core and Tactics Ogre, the idea came to us in the editorial team. Furthermore, this article aims to let our readers speak! As they say”So it’s resolved“!

Of course – Kaim, resurrection in the remaster!

As developers and publishers agree to squeeze our nostalgia, what other J-RPG character can suffer from nostalgia? Kaim In Lost Odyssey? This is my game of choice and I would love to see it ported to current consoles. It’s not like another Square Enix remaster could do by adding auto-battles or even X1000 speed. No, I’d just like a remaster elegant graphic details, while maintaining the difficulty of Lost Odyssey. Turn-based system and rings must stay! A few extra sidequests and/or more memories to look for, but above all, a little graphical overhaul would be nice! Anyway, I believe that Lost Odyssey is one of those exceptional games that could deserve a remaster.

Are we already crying?

Going further, making the story a little more central Satie. A remaster of such a game that will make you shiver as much as it did at the time of release! We want that and more! Square Enix can do it!

Kurri – Love of piracy and adventure

If there’s a title I’d like to see in a remake/remaster, Skies of Arcadia it is clear that it will be the first. A little forgotten gem of a J-RPG, as its name suggests Too much work for the deceased Dreamcast, offers the most thrilling adventure in the skies. Indeed, I would still dream of exploring this world in my flying pirate ship, this time all dressed up in high definition. I’m sure the naval battles in the sky will be spectacular. What I have to do then is immerse myself in the world’s charm and adventure through its battles and its script, which will have a nice graphic touch. Convinced of the merits of this remake, I would love to relive his adventures. vise and his companions.

skies of arcadia

Grief – Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts: The Deal, impressive remasters!

As usual, I decided not to do it like everyone else. I will mention here a duology that comes from my heart. I can’t leave Shadow Hearts of Shadow Hearts: Aqd. Made by both games Saknot for the little PlayStation 2. Of course, because of both titles, it vacated Final Fantasy X. Again, I shed a new tear as in these last two Final Fantasy VII, some will understand why. Plus, if you can get into the frenzy of the series Shadow Hearts you will laugh, you will cry, you will be “scared”. The developers really made sure to mix a horror game with a classic J-RPG game. In short, find Yuri, his band and especially the beautiful love story with Alice… I’m dying.

Flynn – Legend of Legaia, dirty and bad game with potential!

Legend of Legaia is an A-RPG game published by Sony and released on PlayStation that I really like for its characters, story and gameplay.

The Seruswhich are divine beings who have been merging with humans for a long time to make them stronger. One day, a cursed mist appears and infects Serus, who becomes aggressive and uncontrollable. You embody Van and will have to save the world together Noah and Castle expelling the fog through resurrection trees of life.

This is a special RPG that combines turn-based and action. When it’s your turn to move during battles, you can chain combos with an attack command Qtywill trigger one of your abilities depending on what is done.

A game that is not very well known is good. I’d like to see its flaw, the graphics, fixed through remastering or even a remake. A French translation and improved level design would also be welcome. The second installment, Duel Saga, released on PS2, deserves the same treatment.


The result

Being the first person to criticize a remaster/remake, especially FFVII, there is a lot of discussion around this topic. Today, we’re making it a force for authenticity, and some of it isn’t as “bad” as you might think. That’s one of the many lessons learned, at least on the inside JRPGFR. Let’s give redesigns a chance, even if it sometimes ruins our favorite teenage years. The floor is now yours, dear readers. What games would you like to see come back in the coming years? Share your feelings and ideas with us, and if a developer comes through, let’s give them some ideas!

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