According to Kyiv, the power grid in Kherson was “virtually destroyed”

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Pointing to the freezing of nearly 19 billion euros of Russia’s assets in the EU, Putin said,okay“Finally, it may be necessary to end the conflict, the energy infrastructure”practically destroyedAccording to Kiev, in Kherson by the Russians… Le Figaro The stock market receives the latest information on the war in Ukraine this Friday, December 9.

According to information from Kyiv, the power grid in Kherson “was virtually destroyed”

Ukraine’s energy infrastructure around Kherson “practically destroyed“During the Withdrawal of Russian Forces and the Situation”complexOdessa and Kherson are the target of the strikes, national operator Ukrenergo said on Friday.

On Monday, the enemy struck again. Still, Ukrenergo facilities were damaged, especially mainline substations and power plants in southern Ukraine.“, – its leader Volodymyr Koudritskii regretted during the press conference.

According to him, “successful businessUkraine’s anti-aircraft defenses have prevented more Russian strikes from hitting their targets and causing further damage to the national power grid, which according to Ukrainian authorities has already destroyed 40%. “More than a thousand missiles and drones“Fired by Russia”from October 10“, he told journalists about Russia’s first large-scale attacks on Ukraine’s energy facilities. According to him, the most difficult situationIt is in Odessa (southwest) and the Kherson region, where the power grid is practically destroyed.“.

About 19 billion euros of Russian assets in the EU have been frozen

According to the figures collected by the commission for the member states, the European Union countries led by Belgium and Luxembourg have frozen 18.9 billion euros of assets of Russian oligarchs and institutions targeted by sanctions in response to the war in Ukraine. Eight countries have frozen more than one billion euros in assets each: Belgium (3.5 billion), Luxembourg (2.5), Italy (2.3), Germany (2.2), Ireland (1.8), Austria (1 ,8), France (1.3), Spain (1), according to a summary table of the amounts announced on November 25 seen by AFP on Friday.

Belgium and Luxembourg also froze the assets of the National Settlement Depository (NSD), the central depository for securities of the Russian Federation, which is sanctioned by the EU: 46.9 billion for Belgium, three billion for Luxembourg. Malta is a country that applies a controversial regime”golden passports» is at the back of the pack with €146,558 in blocked assets given to wealthy investors. Greece is last with 212,201 euros. A total of 1,241 individuals and 118 entities will have their assets frozen and banned from entering the EU for their role in the conflict in Ukraine.

European Union member states also agreed on Friday to add two billion euros to the European Peace Fund (EFF), a financial instrument for military aid to Ukraine.

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Basketball player Britney Griner was sold to a Russian arms dealer in the United States

American basketball star Brittney Griner arrived in the United States on Friday morning after being released from a Russian prison in exchange for an arms dealer.merchant of death“. The 32-year-old African-American, two-time Olympic champion landed in San Antonio, Texas at around 11:40 French time. Dressed in a red jacket, he got off the plane before dawn, an AFP journalist noted.

Britney Griner, who was arrested in February in Russia for possession of a liquid cannabis vape, and Victor Bout, 55, who is serving a 25-year sentence in a US prison, were exchanged at the United States’ Abu Dhabi airport. Arab Emirates. According to the Russian public TV channel, Viktor Bout landed in Russia on Thursday. In an interview with Russian media RT on Friday, this former Soviet officer accused the West of “desire”.destroy“and”divide“Russia.

Another prisoner exchange between Moscow and Washington”possible“, Vladimir Putin said during a press conference within the framework of the regional summit held in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

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Putin Says ‘Finally We Need to Find an Agreement’ to End Ukraine Conflict

Agreement will be necessaryfinallyVladimir Putin said on Friday as he expressed doubts about ending the conflict in“Moscow, in his opinion, can give this to his interlocutors. “In the end, an agreement will have to be found. I have already said several times that we are ready and open to these arrangements, but it forces us to think about who we are dealing with.“, – the Russian president declared on the sidelines of the regional summit held in Kyrgyzstan.

Vladimir Putin reacted to the recent statements of former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who said that the Minsk agreement signed in 2014 between Moscow and Kiev under the auspices of the OSCE gave Ukraine time to strengthen itself in the event of an armed conflict with Russia. “The 2014 Minsk agreement was an attempt to buy Ukraine’s time. He used it as we see it today. The Ukraine of 2014/2015 is not the Ukraine of today. (…) As we saw at the beginning of 2015, Putin could have easily crushed him then“, he told the newspaper Die Zeit.

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Price cap: Putin threatens West to ‘cut production’ of Russian oil

Russian President Vladimir Putin “threatened” the West on Fridayreduce production“Russian oil”if necessary», days after the EU, G7 and Australia imposed a $60 cap on the price of Russian black gold. “If necessary, we will consider possible production reductionVladimir Putin said this during a press conference within the regional summit in Bishkek.

The mechanism that the West has wanted for months and launched earlier this week”stupid decision“, he judged. “The proposed ceiling ($60) is in line with the prices we are selling for today. In this sense, it does not affect us in any way“, he said in front of journalists.

Ukraine accuses Russia of holding two employees of the Zaporozhye NPP

Ukraine accused Russia on Friday of arresting two employees of the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant (south), which Moscow occupied militarily.was severely beaten“.

Thursday “The Russian army broke into the building where the Social Programs Department of the plant is located and, with the participation of other employees, violently beat the head of the department Alexey Trubenkov and his deputy Yuri Androsov.“, nuclear operator Energoatom lamented in a press release. “After this severe beating“, Russians”and took them to an unknown direction“, condemned Energoatom. The head of the plant’s nuclear safety department, Konstantin Beyner, also “they threw it in the basement“, according to Energoatom, but is not captured by Russian forces.

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