Creps de Vichy 2021-2024 is integrated into the large INSEP network

On December 14, Creps Vichy Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes will be officially integrated into the dynamics of the large INSEP 2021-2024 network. On the same day, a label awarding ceremony will be held in the institution with the participation of high-level athletes, local elected officials and INSEP general manager Fabien Canu.

1. What is the large INSEP network?

The main mission of the main INSEP network, which currently has thirty certified centers, is to support high-level athletes and their management towards excellence. The 2021-2024 tagging campaign is therefore fully in line with the ambition to promote the federation, network and progress of training centers throughout the area.

2. What are the criteria to be a part of it?

The Grand INSEP label, a quality mark awarded to centers that meet the requirements of high-level sports performance, is built around four structural pillars: “train well”, “care well”, “live well”. practice well.” In the 2016-2021 version of the label, sports and reception facilities were at the center of applications. The 2021-2024 version of the label has evolved towards new labeling criteria, this time focusing mainly on resource persons who can support the NHS. Thus, ensuring that the center provides all the human resources necessary to optimize the performance of high-level athletes on site or nearby.

Le Creps de Vichy (Allier), “model site” to welcome disabled athletes

The labeling process meets very specific requirements. Once certified, the center formally integrates the dynamics of the large INSEP network. Institutionally, this means that it can participate in all periods of network governance, such as Strategic Councils or RGI Offices, which are times when the main directions of a large INSEP network are decided. For the labeled center, member of the large-scale national network tested by INSEP, the flagship of French sport. it allows him to have great strategic and political weight and to be able to speak with the same voice, the voice of the network, to different interlocutors.

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3. A word from general manager Fabien Canu

“The labeling of this center for 2021-2024 strengthens the national support network for high-level sports. Creps de Vichy will therefore continue to be active in promoting the French sporting experience through the dynamics of the large INSEP network. As the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games approach, the dream of INSEP and the large INSEP network is to guarantee a performance environment for top athletes wherever they live, wherever they are.

4. Le Creps de Vichy, a new generation establishment

Creps de Vichy has benefited from a €40 million renovation (half funded by the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region and the other by the State) which is nearing completion. At the heart of this renovation is the 2,500 m² Health and Performance Center, which meets all the health needs of high-performance training and elite athletes: care, recovery, tests/evaluations, fitness and scientific research. A new one-story catering structure and two completely renovated residential buildings offer great opportunities for comfort and living conditions for athletes. The center houses the Espoir basketball centers (girls and boys), the JAV training center, the French adapted sports swimming center and the disabled swimmers of the Croizon Academy. It allows accessibility for all types of disabilities and has been tagged with the Vichy Community, Paris 2024 Games Preparation Center for 25 Olympic and 17 Paralympic disciplines.

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