What is the most economical gas heater to choose in 2022?

Heating is a significant expense in the household budget. Reducing your energy debt has become a major challenge for everyone. Among the available energy sources, gas comes in handy. Cheaper than oil or electricity, this energy helps to limit costs. With excellent heating comfort, very good performance, affordable investment cost and relatively simple maintenance, gas heating attracts many French people. Here’s our pick of the most economical gas heaters.

A selection of the most economical gas heaters:

MPX MI Slim De Dietrich 29 kW gas condensing boiler: thermal comfort

Gas condensing boiler MPX MI Slim De Dietrich 29 kW – DR

De Dietrich offers a condensing boiler with energy class A with this high-performance model. It can be used for heating and hot water. With an efficiency of over 100%, this is a truly economical heating system. An integrated electronic box allows for temperature regulation. So you have full control over your energy consumption. It is sold as a complete kit including sockets, suction cup and rear splashes.


  • Good performance;
  • attractive price;
  • Energy class A.


  • Installation and connection to the gas circuit must be carried out by an approved professional.

NIKLAS Nova 4200 W infrared gas stove: an ultra-compact auxiliary heater

NIKLAS Nova 4200 W infrared gas stove
Infrared gas stove 4200 W Nova NIKLAS – DR

This infrared gas stove is an efficient auxiliary heater that allows you to heat a room up to 120 m3. Thanks to the three heating powers, you control your energy consumption as well as regulate the temperature. Works with butane cans. Mounted on wheels, it moves easily in your home, apartment or even on your terrace. It has folding walls for easy storage.


  • 3 heat capacity;
  • Folding walls;
  • Compact.


  • Supplied without butane regulator and screw-on hose.

Inoa Green Chaffoteaux Condensing Gas Boiler: connected boiler

Gas boiler condensation Inoa Green Chaffoteaux
Gas condensing boiler Inoa Green Chaffoteaux – DR

At just 40 centimeters wide, this Inoa Green pot from Chaffoteaux fits perfectly into your home. It can be used for heating and domestic hot water. Its modulating heat pump system provides real heating comfort. It also helps to limit energy consumption. Access to the components is from the front of the boiler. Thus, maintenance is simplified. Its programmable thermostat connected via Wi-Fi is really commendable: you program your boiler according to your needs. Enjoy great fuel savings!


  • Ease of maintenance;
  • Programmable thermostat.


  • Commissioning by an approved installer.

Butagaz 3400 W gas stove with flame effect: fireplace attraction

Butagaz 3400 W gas stove with flame effect
Butagaz 3400 W gas stove with flame effect – DR

Butagaz offers a very practical gas stove as an auxiliary heater. With three power levels (1800 W, 2000 W and 3400 W), it allows you to set the desired temperature and control your consumption as much as possible. It moves easily from one room to another with its carrying handles and wheels. It can heat an area of ​​35 m2. Its fire effect, with protective glass, allows you to enjoy the charm of a good wood fire without the disadvantages.


  • Warm wood fire effect;
  • It is easily transported.


  • Sold without regulator and fittings.

DuoMax Condensation Saunier Duval 34 kW Gas Condensing Boiler: thermal comfort guaranteed

DuoMax Condensing Gas Boiler Saunier Duval 34 kW
Gas Condenser DuoMax Condensation Saunier Duval 34 kW – DR

Saunier Duval has developed a very well thought out condensing gas boiler. With its integrated 150-liter tank, it can provide hot water at any time. It charges in just a few minutes. This premium product features a stainless steel heating body. It uses natural gas for its operation. Compact and silent, it fits easily into your interior.


  • Energy class A;
  • High performance;
  • Integrated tank for continuous hot water.


  • Substantial investment value.

Gas heater HJM GA2400 2400 W Black: efficient auxiliary heater

Gas heater HJM GA2400 2400 W Black
Gas heater HJM GA2400 2400 W Black – DR

This model runs on butane or propane. A great addition to your classic heating system. With a width of 43.5 centimeters, a depth of 34.5 centimeters and a height of 73.5 centimeters, it can be easily carried around your house or apartment. Thus, it can allow you to heat an isolated room or delay the start of normal heating in autumn.


  • Compact;
  • Portable.


  • It does not heat a large room enough.

QLIMA GH741RM 4100 watts: a very practical mini oven

QLIMA GH741RM 4,100 watts
QLIMA GH741RM 4,100 watts – DR

Very compact and mounted on wheels, this mini infrared gas stove is very easy to move. Ideal for auxiliary heating to increase the temperature of an insulated room. Its ceramic burner allows good heating speed. With the power of 3, you have the best control over your consumption. It can be used for an area of ​​50 m2.


  • Automatic safety shutdown;
  • rapid heating;
  • Very functional.


  • Works with a maximum of 5kg butane bottle.

Orbegozo HBF 100 Blue flame oven 3800 kW: an elegant oven

Orbegozo HBF 100 Blue flame stove 3800 kW
Orbegozo HBF 100 Blue flame furnace 3800 kW – DR

This stove uses blue flame technology and has an A energy class. It runs on butane or propane. It fits your interior perfectly with its elegant tempered glass front. With its rolling wheels and carrying handles, it follows you everywhere in your home or apartment. Finally, it is equipped with several safety systems, including an atmospheric CO2 concentration analyzer.


  • Good performance;
  • Modern look.


  • Sold without hose and regulator.

What is the most economical gas boiler?

Central heating units connected to city gas are an affordable means of heating. There are several types of boilers for this: conventional gas, low temperature, condensation. The latter have the best efficiency and offer up to 30% energy savings compared to a conventional gas boiler. For this, they use the heat of combustion fumes. They are often classified as THPE (Very High Energy Performance). It is possible to benefit from financial assistance for the installation of this type of gas heating device.

What are the different types of gas heaters?

It is a cheap source of energy compared to its competitors such as gas, oil or electricity. Therefore, it may be wise to equip yourself with an auxiliary gas heater to delay the start of your conventional heating system. There are different types of gas heaters:

  • With catalysis: works with a bottle of butane.
  • Infrared gas: produces heat by convection and radiation.
  • Infrared gas: often more voluminous.

Thermal comfort, no maintenance of the energy source, attractive efficiency, affordable price, low maintenance costs… Gas is attractive. As a classic heating system or an auxiliary heater, it is interesting to reduce the energy bill.

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