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Released in the summer of 2022, iOS 16 brought one major new feature to iPhone software among the hundreds of changes described here. It is a possibility customize the lock screen quite extensively. In this tutorial, we’ll cover everything from random changing wallpapers to widgets, choosing a font for the main clock, and more. as we explain in detail all the options related to this customization. Everything goes and you It will know everything to make you the most beautiful lock screen for your iPhone or iPad.

So what is a lock screen?

We didn’t care much about that lock screen before Apple allowed us to customize it. This is actually the view displayed when the screen of the iPhone or iPad is touched, when the latter is in locked mode or in any case in standby mode. In short, when your iPhone or iPad wakes up, The first view the OS provides is this lock screen. It used to include the time as well as recent notifications and notification groups. Since iOS 16, so there’s more to it than that. But above all, unlike older versions of iOS, it is possible make various visual changesas we explain later in the article.

How to customize lock screen?

1. Display the lock screen

To customize the lock screen, you need to display it first. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Put your iPhone into sleep mode by pressing the power button. After that, the screen turns off
  • Wake iPhone from sleep mode by pressing the power button again or tapping the screen with your finger

2. Access the editing options

Once the lock screen appears, press and hold. By the way, unlocking should be done either with a passcode or with Touch ID or Face ID. It is determined only once that you can see the first modification screen.

The latter then displays the various presets as well as the following buttons:

  • “Personalize”: allows you to change the existing lock screen setting
  • “+”: to create a new lock screen setting from scratch or suggestions
  • “New wallpaper” (right): same effect as “+” described above


With “+” or “New wallpaper” you have the option to choose between the different ready-made montages offered by iOS by default, see part 3a for this. Or, you can create your own lock screen from scratch and customize the home screen accordingly, in which case skip to part 3b of this guide.

3a. You like the preset and want to use it

  • After you “+” or “New wallpaper”, you can see the iOS suggestions from the “Select” paragraph and below, each with its own style (People, Pictures, Random images, Emoji, etc.)
  • Click if you like one
  • Then, click “Add” on the top right and then “Set as wallpaper” to apply the change and enjoy this new lock screen wallpaper.
Added new lock screen


3b. Want to create a new lock screen wallpaper

After doing “+” or “New wallpaper” on the “Add Wallpaper” page, you need to select the wallpaper style to be generated to start from 0 instead of selecting the preset listed below from the “Option” category. the basis of your new creation, above:

New lock screen


  • Pictures: to set an image from your media library as wallpaper
  • Nation : to set a picture of people from his media library as wallpaper
  • Random pictures: for a dynamic wallpaper that changes depending on the day
  • Emoji: create wallpaper from expressions
  • Weather information: The wallpaper is dynamic and changes based on the weather in your current location
  • Astronomy: Access to custom Earth, Moon and Solar System wallpapers
  • Color: from color, in flat mode or to create faded wallpaper

Once you’ve made your choice between these wallpaper types, iOS takes you to the next customization screen, where you can choose and change the display of time and widgets.

First box: current date and other information

  • Tap to change the view and select information, weather, stock, calendar and other apps to display

Second box: time

  • Tap the time box to customize the font and text color
Lock screen widgets 1 and 2


Third box: additional widgets

  • Click the third box to combine one or more widgets in any case
  • If they are small widgets, you can fit up to 4 widgets in this box
  • There is some information for Apple apps (Air quality with Weather, remaining battery, next calendar event, etc.), but also for third-party apps (new Gmail mail, adding tasks to Things, enabling VPN). Enable scanner for Scanner Pro for documents etc.)
Lock screen widget 3


Note that you can also customize these boxes when selecting a preset, paragraph 3a.

Finish customizing your lock screen by tapping “Add” and “Set as Wallpaper Pair”.

4. Set wallpaper for home screen

When you customize the lock screen, you must choose a wallpaper for the home screen to match the lock screen created. Therefore, before confirming the procedure, iOS prompts you:

  • Set as wallpaper pair: the home screen wallpaper is automatically generated and adapted to the style of your home screen
  • Customize the home screen: you can customize your home screen wallpaper by drawing from your photos or choosing from a selection of color, gradient and blur effects.
Customize the lock home screen background


5. Optional: set a concentration mode for the locked screen

For the home screen, it is possible to associate the lock screen and its wallpaper with concentration mode. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the screen to change the lock screen as described in paragraph 2
  • Tap on “Focus”.
  • Select the focus mode
Concentration mode for locked screen


Now when the selected focus mode is active, the lock screen selected here is automatically set. Likewise, leaving the advisory mode in question, you find the lock screen and the default home screen wallpaper.

6. Optional: depth effect mode in photos

Did you know that you can set your lock screen image so that certain elements of the image pass in front of your widgets? This is a depth effect that iOS may or may not apply at your discretion. For example, look at the bridge in the picture below, the structure passes in front of the clock. The depth effect works more or less well depending on the selected photo.

Depth Effect Lock Screen


To enable Depth Effect, you must start from a preset photo (“Suggested Photos” or “Random Photos”) or start from scratch by selecting “Photos”, “People” or “Random Photos” above.

New lock screen


Then, when customizing the lock screen, you can see a special option in the bottom right, an icon with 3 small dots. This gives access to enabling/disabling the depth effect.

Depth Effect Adjustment Lock Screen


7. Other options to know

  • Change the background color of the photo: the same icon that lets you enable/disable the depth effect lets you adjust the photo’s background color if you’ve set up a lock screen with a photo from your photo library. It only works for a few photos with the “Colored background enabled” mode
Lock screen background color setting


  • Zoom in and crop out: on the selected photo, you can zoom in or out by sliding two fingers on the screen
  • Remove the lock screen: slide your finger up on the lock screen in question and confirm the deletion by pressing the trash can
Remove the lock screen


  • Random pictures: this type of lock screen is special. It allows iOS to automatically change the screen image at regular intervals. You can choose which photos can be displayed, as well as the degree of variation
Random Photo Lock Screen


  • Weather and astronomy: another special type is the lock screen because it changes according to the weather in your location. Greyness, rain, sun, etc. depending on the job.
airlock screen


  • Lock screen options: Sometimes multiple lock screen options are offered for certain types of lock screens, such as emoji. Swipe left or right in the customization phase to see variations
Lock screen variations


  • Home screen wallpaper: you can customize it when creating a new wallpaper set, but also by clicking the “Personalize” button on an existing wallpaper
Customize the home screen background


  • Energy consumption: be careful, it has been noted that some lock screens, especially the so-called “dynamic” screens that automatically change depending on the day or weather, significantly affect the autonomy of your car. It should be taken into account

That’s it, now you know everything about customizing the lock screen on iOS and iPadOS. Is this a feature you enjoy using? - The official app for – The official app for

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