Vladimir Putin will visit Donbas “on time”.

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December 03, 2022 at 3:42 p.m


Vladimir Putin will go to Donbas “in due time”, the Kremlin said on Saturday, while the Russian president has yet to visit the eastern Ukrainian territory, which he annexed in late September. does not fully control it.

“When the time comes, of course (such a visit) will take place. This is a region of Russia,” Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the Russian president, told reporters when asked about a possible upcoming move. Mr. Putin in Donbass.

Information to remember:

  • Vladimir Putin will visit Donbas “on time”.
  • Russia says it will not accept the oil price limit
  • Ukraine urges its residents to “hold on” in the face of repeated power outages

Russia will not accept the oil price limit

Russia said on Saturday that the European Union, the G7 and Australia would “not accept” oil price caps after agreeing a day earlier on such a mechanism that could limit Moscow’s ability to finance its offensive in Ukraine.

Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the Russian president, told reporters, “We will not accept this ceiling.” However, he said Moscow was “preparing for such a ceiling” upstream, without elaborating.

An attempt to steal a work belonging to Banksy in Kiev suburbs

On Friday, the Ukrainian police managed to prevent the theft of the work of the famous British artist Banksy, painted with stencils in the suburbs of Kyiv. “(Friday) in Gostomel, a group of people tried to steal Banksy’s painting. They cut the work (prepared) on the wall of the house destroyed by the Russians,” said Oleksiy Kouleba, the governor of Kyiv region. Press release published on Telegram.

His social media post was accompanied by a photo showing part of the exterior cladding, a wall trimmed with orange paint. This is where a stencil of a person wearing a gas mask, standing on a chair, was drawn. According to Mr. Kouleba, Ukrainian police “arrested several people on the spot” and “the painting is in good condition and is in the hands of the police.”

Andrii Nebitov, chief of police of Kyiv region, said in a separate statement that “identities of eight people have been determined.” “All of them are between the ages of 27 and 60. They are residents of the cities of Kyiv and Cherkassy, ​​located 200 km southeast of the capital,” he said in detail on Telegram, adding that “a preliminary investigation into additional damage has begun.”

The Ukrainian authorities urge the population to “keep up” in the face of regular power outages

Ukrainian authorities on Saturday urged residents to “keep calm” in the face of power outages that have disrupted daily life after Russia caused extensive damage to the national power grid in recent weeks. “Starting Monday, I will ask Oblenergo (the operator) to revise the work schedules for the region. There will probably be four-hour stops,” the governor of Mykolaiv Oblast (south) said on Telegram. Vitaly Kim.

He described the “increasing consumption” of electricity and said longer outages should be required to relax the regional power grid. “We must endure,” he told the residents of his district.

Russia has massively bombed Ukraine’s energy facilities since October, causing severe damage and power outages that affect millions of Ukrainians who are plunged into darkness and cold every day. The governor of Lugansk region, Sergiy Gaidai, told Ukrainian television that the military fighting in the east of the country is “tough” because “the Russians have time to prepare for attacks in Kiev.”

“Ukrainian armed forces are slowly advancing through Russia (defense) towards Svatové-Kreminna,” he said without giving further details.

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