the lottery is online, did you win?

The lotto jackpot is on the rise and will reach a new record this Saturday, December 3, 2022 with a share of €24 million. This Saturday, you have until 20:15 to try your luck and play at least one network online or at the point of sale. The full result of the lottery draw will be announced on from 20:50.

Update 03/12/2022 at 21:15: numbers are online, player wins €312,119.00

The record jackpot of €24 million has yet to be won this Saturday evening, unbelievable but true! However, the player found 5 winning numbers and won €312,119. Over 1 million nets won, check your Lotto winnings in seconds.

Update 03/12/2022 at 20:55: the results of this Lotto draw are available within minutes

The Argentina v Australia match still does not allow TF1 to broadcast the Lotto draw during normal hours. So the winning numbers for this Saturday December 3, 2022 draw will be available in a few minutes at approximately 9:00 PM and we’ll be there to announce those results live!

After the EuroMillions superdraw on December 2nd, which did not result in a very big winner in the 1st row, Lotto will also celebrate this Saturday, December 3rd by offering a record jackpot of €24 million. Last Wednesday, you became a few million players to try your luck without ever dropping the cat. Among the lucky players of this last draw held on November 30, we can mention the two players who won €108,281 by matching 5 correct numbers, or the only winner of the 2nd draw who won the entire additional jackpot for €149,450.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to win €24 million in Loto today and try your luck by playing at least one grid for today’s draw!

Play the Loto FDJ grid today at before 20:15

Check your Loto FDJ network in less than 5 minutes ✅ Open an account on in seconds. You must be of legal age and live in France (Metropolitan or Abroad) to complete the registration form and ensure the validity of your player account. ✅ Check up to 9 numbers and 10 Lucky numbers around the Multi Lotto network. Of course, you can play a simple grid by just ticking 5 numbers + 1 lucky number. In this case, your network will cost you only €2.20. ✅ Add Joker+ or 2nd draw game options. The Joker Plus option will cost you €1 per network confirmed with the option, while participation in the 2nd draw will cost you an additional €0.80 or €3 per confirmed network. ⏰ Play your lotto net online at or at an FDJ outlet before 20:15.

Monday 05 December 2022 €25,000,000 day hour min dry To play

Loto FDJ draw results for this Saturday, December 3, 2022: published from 20:50.

There will be several million players to try their luck today for this exceptional Lotto draw. More important than the Grand Loto de Noël jackpot on the evening of December 25 and its guaranteed minimum of €15 million, this ongoing €24 million jackpot will be this year’s 2022 winning record.

The full result should be followed on from 20:50, including the two Lotto winning combinations (main and second draw), then the ten Lotto codes of the lottery will be finished in the full winning report.

Good luck to you, the whole team will be there tonight Saturday 3rd December 2022 to ensure live results!

Frequently asked questions: Frequently asked questions about Loto FDJ

What is the Lotto jackpot amount at stake this Saturday, December 3, 2022?

The lotto jackpot for this Saturday, December 3, 2022 is €24 million, the highest jackpot ever won in 2022.

How can we play the grid in the next Loto FDJ draw?

The Lotto of the Day draw can be played online at or at the point of sale. You need to choose 5 numbers and 1 lucky number to complete a simple grid. ▶ Play the Lotto Network online here

When will the lottery results be announced tonight?

You can play the Lotto grid until 8:15 p.m. this Saturday, December 3. The maximum time to try your luck online or at the point of sale will remain the same! ▶ Lotto results are available here

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