Omerta in the village, profile of the victim… What we know about the Eskaren case, where a man was lynched by residents

Everyone knows, but no one talks. Omerta reigns in Eskaren after the death of Jéremy Dasylva, who was lynched by residents of this village of Paillon on October 12.

Since the tragedy, his companion, Escarenoise, has been trying to understand, as has Jérémy’s family, waiting for justice to be served. A judicial investigation has been launched to shed light on this disgusting drama. What happened that night and why? This is what we know.

The facts

The case falls on October 12. That evening, Jeremy Dasylva is in Nice with his partner. It is early evening and they decide to go home. Light saliva. A young woman gets into the car to go home. He decides to go there by train.

A. who appeared to the gendarmes around 8:35 p.m “robbery”. They are called back less than an hour later and find out “The suspected suspect was caught and neutralized by the residents,” to enforce the law.

“The lady screamed, the residents came. Some of them had dogs, at least one of them was thrown at the beating victim in the kindergarten, and then at another place,” says the source.

According to the witness at the scene, “There are several people behind the hunt, young people. There was one with two dogs, he shot the young man.” A relative adds: “They stripped him, threw some of his clothes at Paillon, and beat him.” At the end of the evening, firefighters took the victim to CHU Pasteur 2 in Nice, where he died two days later.

According to his partner Olivia, Jeremy Dasylva was lynched for stealing. “bank card and 45 euros” in a lady. “Nothing found”, but he assures. “He told me at the hospital that he didn’t steal anything. Moreover, nothing was found, evidence. Neither the things he was accused of taking, nor his backpack and phone.”he says.

Where is the investigation?

A judicial investigation is open to shed light on this tragedy. “We are currently confirming that a judicial investigation has been launched into the intentional violence that resulted in the death of the president. No charges have yet been filed.” Nice-Matin Jean-Philippe Navarre, deputy public prosecutor of Nice, said this.

The investigation has been entrusted to the Nice research team, where investigators are trying to unravel this dark story, identify the perpetrators and determine their involvement. The images captured by the CCTV cameras of the city were viewed.

According to a source close to the investigation, at least one of the perpetrators has been identified. He would flee abroad and a warrant would be issued for his arrest. Criminals face up to 20 years in prison.

Who was the victim?

The victim, Jeremy Dasylva, is a 39-year-old man born in Nice and living in La Colle-sur-Loup. Those close to him speak of a caring father, kind brother and son. “He loved dancing, rapping and football,” he still entrusts it to one of his friends.

“He was a beautiful, cheerful, pleasant boy. His death has shocked everyone of his generation in the village where everyone knew him. The circumstances of his death are revolting and revolting and we desperately want answers. Let the light shine. No one deserves to die like this.”Morgan, who recognized Jeremy at La Colle, answers.

The latter, separated from the mother of his son, nevertheless, his a “my father is there despite the distance”. It was after this breakup that he found love again with Olivia, an escarenoise.

His friend is shocked, he doesn’t understand

Originally from Eskaren, Jeremy Dasilva’s wife, Olivia, wants understanding and justice. She has been in shock since her husband’s death.

“I found him, his clothes are torn, he has no shoes”he says. “He told me at the hospital that he didn’t steal anything. Besides, nothing was found, that’s proof. Not the things he was accused of taking, not the backpack and the phone.”, assures Olivia. “In the evening, I searched the whole village and found nothing. And on Sunday I found one of his shoes again in Paillon all day.”

So where did they go? “bank card and 45 euros” Jérémy is suspected of stealing from a lady who lives a little higher up the bar-tabac? “That proves it’s not him,” whispers his friend. “Do you understand that he circled the village at least three times to escape his pursuers”he concludes, exasperated.

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