Emmanuel Macron assures that “responsibility, but not panic”

In an interview filmed in New Orleans and partially broadcast on TF1 on Saturday, December 3, Emmanuel Macron returned to the energy crisis in France, the war in Ukraine and concluded a three-day state visit to the United States.-United.

Answering the question about possible power outages this winter, the head of state tried to make sure: “Don’t worry, it’s useless and it’s not true. » The government on Wednesday evening sent a circular to prefects to prepare their departments in case of layoffs. “It is normal for the government to prepare extreme cases”Mr. Macron said.

He assured her that it was “fictional scenarios” however, it was necessary ” to prepare “. According to him, France will be able to get out of winter, “Even in cold December and January”, as long as the sobriety plan provided by the government is respected. The head of state emphasized once again that his message in this regard is clear: “Responsibility, but don’t panic. »

Dashboard: Consumption, production, signal Ecowatt: real-time dashboard of the French electricity grid

The state visit is a “success” for Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron also asked the question about the pension reform “conversation [se déroulait] now” and he was “It is expected to be completed in the coming weeks”. He assured that he would introduce the pension reform and give details. “obviously”during the presidential campaign. “You shouldn’t be so bold as to say, ‘I’ll go all the way,’ but yes, we need to reform our pension system.”added the president of the republic explaining this “Our only leverage is to work longer”. Regarding the deposit period, “we have a room” Compared to our European neighbors, he said.

Emmanuel Macron gave this interview at the end of his state visit to the United States. “success”, he assured. The French president wanted to talk to Joe Biden about a big plan to subsidize green industry on American soil, the kind of aid Mr. Macron described. “super aggressive” He added because against the French companies “Projects that should be done in Europe will finally be done in the USA”.

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“I am the first European leader to step foot in the pot”, he argued. This is necessary “let the competition be fair”, he argued with Joe Biden. It was the first goal “signal” Regarding the concerns of the Europeans of the American authorities “succeeded”. Then it became necessary “We start a discussion to find solutions, it continues”. The French head of state also admitted that regardless of American measures, the Europeans were forced to do so “Go faster, invest more” : “We have to do more (…) manufacture of batteries and battery components, on semiconductors »listed.

“I believe in the freedom of peoples to make their own decisions”

During this American tour, Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden also spoke extensively about the war in Ukraine. The French head of state summarized the priority goals for the coming weeks: “Help Ukraine resist, continue to provide military aid to it, make sure there is no escalation of civilian nuclear power and therefore protect the power plants and prepare for dialogue when that happens. »

According to Emmanuel Macron, “One thing depends on the Ukrainians, it is the border issue”. “When we lose Alsace-Lorraine in the middle of a conflict, do we want a foreign leader to tell us: ‘You have to do it this way’?” »he asked. “I believe in the freedom of peoples to decide for themselves; The people of Ukraine will decide under what conditions, when and how it will happen.” dialogue can take place.

Emmanuel Macron, who sent weapons to Kiev, assured that the military support will continue until the end of 2012. “two red lines”I mean: “Never weaken our ability to defend our territory” and “Never hand over weapons that will make us a party to the conflict”. In the meantime, “do your best” in “We’re forcing our industry to work faster and harder.”

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“We’ll Get There”

“This state visit was a success as Europe and France became an area of ​​concern again”Emmanuel Macron concluded, assuring Joe Biden “friend”. This state visit was the first visit of the Biden administration, the president recalled when he saw it “An honor given to France”. “I know the days are hard, the cost of living weighs heavily on your daily life”he also admitted “But we are the best”.

“We will continue to stand, we will absorb this shock, and we must revive everything through work, education, health care, pension reforms to be stronger”, he added. because “2023 will undoubtedly be marked by a slowdown in the global economy, we are already seeing it dawn, several of our neighbors are already in recession, but not us.”warned Emmanuel Macron.

“We have to continue to work and prepare for a recovery that I think should happen in 2024.”– said the head of state. “We have what it takes to be stronger, bigger than many of our neighbors, so we will get there”he assured.

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