Why delivery journalists fear this France-Poland

AS Saint-Etienne’s community manager was delighted to announce the hiring of defender Timothée Kolodziejczak, a “scoring defender” in Scrabble, via a video on Twitter in August 2018. At least 59, far more than his four seasons at Forez, resulted in their relegation to Ligue 2 in May. The Polish-born tricolor defender, quickly nicknamed “Kolo” by fans and journalists, created a great teaser in our championship. , to the dangerous exercise that awaits many journalists, Sunday (4:00). Knowing how to deliver a France-Poland match with speed and spelling rigour.

Suffice it to say that all have been crossing their fingers since Tuesday for Matty Cash to be appointed at right-back. Not because of Kylian Mbappe, but because it would make them a safe man in a form not without puzzle elements. Walid Kachour, who will experience the 16th round of the Blues World Cup on Sunday, will go through the selection with us. The worldNumber 3 blocks, Argentina, entered the game against certain Artur Jedrzejczyk.

“Poland inspires me to do more at the top”

“I’m going through all the trouble in the world to remember the spelling of his name,” she says. I won’t lie: for some players like this, it’s always Control C-Control V for me from the FIFA site. Otherwise, I try to find little tricks. “Like sliding the player’s number or just the position to avoid wasting time and making mistakes by repeating the name often. “I’m sure that the live broadcast from Poland motivates me to work more before the match than many matches, emphasizes Walid Kachour. And again The world, we are not required to use Polish accents like Szczęsny’s “ę”. But apart from a few complex names, there are players whose background I don’t know well, like No. 14 Kiwior. »

Finally, Walid is Jakub Kivior, a 22-year-old centre-back from La Spezia (Serie A) who established himself at Železiarne Podbrezova in Slovakia (how do the accents betray our deceptive copy-paste?). More so than Jakub Kiwiorda or even Barça star Robert Lewandowski, the forwards know that they will have to write Wojciech Szczesny’s name in all the sauce given the Polish selection’s (not) brilliant style. Mentioning the Juventus goalkeeper was enough to chauvinize our colleague Nicolas Camus, who intended to keep you alive this France-Poland Sunday. 20 minutes. “I have already played in Poland’s game against Saudi Arabia (2:0). No matter how hard I try to crack his name, almost every time I get confused about the spelling of Szczesny, it’s horrible. »

Hero of choice and the nightmare of the French deliverers: this is the life of Wojciech Szczesny during the World Cup in Qatar.
Hero of choice and the nightmare of the French deliverers: this is the life of Wojciech Szczesny during the World Cup in Qatar. – Andre Ricardo/Enquadrar/SPP/Garden

Czeslaw Michniewicz’s Dilemma

Florent Le Marquis will officiate the live match from the site Team, is somewhat confident about it: “SZCZ order is starting to come to my mind.” As a fan of Arsenal (the Polish goalkeeper’s former club), Walid Kaczur even considers himself to have “mastered the spelling of his name so well” that he can quickly draw it live. He is more afraid of the Polish coach “with a very nice combination of consonants”. Because yes, Czesław Michniewicz is up against Robert Page (Wales) in this World Cup. “The advantage is that in a match for the French national team, we talk first of all about the blues, not about their good, not good, and less about the opponent,” smiles Nicolas Camus.

He admits that he will prepare a Word document containing the most difficult names on the Polish side, and he will surrender to the Control C-Control V strategy. TeamFlorent Le Marquis will make life easier thanks to a back office that is more valuable than ever: “I just have to click on the name of a player in the squad and it immediately pastes it where I want it live. . But it’s still faster to write the names by hand if you know them. Other unlike deliverers i like naming players too.“Suffice it to say we’ll be deeply impressed with Florent and his misfortune if we see Krzysztof Piatek and Arkadiusz Milik go through live on Sunday.

Woman away from China-South Africa

Horse The world, Walid Kachour is set to get serious on Sunday: “There is no small player or small selection, he recalls. Respecting everyone’s spelling is an important rule in our writing, and therefore always includes little tricks. “If the hot moves are connected, I’ll put Lewis first, not Lewandowski, to save time.” Could this France-Poland, programmed in our grandmother’s usual herbal tea-Scrabble slot, end up being the scariest meeting of a deliveryman’s life?

“No, this will not be my most complicated match in the liver,” said Florent Le Marquis. I remember covering China-South Africa during the 2019 Women’s World Cup in France where I didn’t know any of the players. “When it looked like that, even the combination of Wojciech Szczesny, Bartosz Bereszynski and Artur Jedrzejczyk made Czesław Michniewicz very happy on the bench.

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