what disease did the actress suffer from?

Mylène Demongeot died on December 1, 2022 at the age of 87. The actress had been battling recurrent peritoneal cancer for several months.

[Mis à jour le 2 décembre 2022 à 14h44] The leading actress of the 1950s and 1960s passed away. Mylène Demongeot died on December 1, 2022. The actress, especially Salem witches, Phantoms Where Camp He was 87 years old. His friend, the journalist Henri-Jean Servat, died of a long illness with Midi-Libre. Indeed, the actress did not hide that since last October she was fighting against recurrent peritoneal cancer. The peritoneum is a membrane that covers the inner walls of the abdominal cavity and therefore covers several organs such as the stomach, colon, ovaries or uterus.

Mylène Demongeot, whose real name is Marie-Hélène, started her film career at the age of 17 children of love. He became famous thanks to the movie Salem witches, he answers Yves Montana. She rose to the status of a sex symbol in the 1950s and 1960s. Phantoms, she embodies the character of Hélène opposite Jean Marais and Louis de Funes. In recent years, Mylène Demongeot has been speaking to him again Camp : she embodies Flots Bleus regular wife played by Claude Brasseur. We also find him in several supporting roles, e.g Fraudster, Rooftops of Paris or even on television Bad heads, Captain Marleau Where Unfaithful. His last role is in 2022 as he is in the cast Nursing home With Kev Adams and Gerard Depardieu.

On the personal side, Mylène Demongeot married photographer Henry Coste in 1956, whom she met while filming. They get married two years later. However, their union did not last and the couple divorced in 1968. After that, Mylène Demongeot met director Marc Simenon in 1966, who is none other than the son of writer Georges Simenon. When both are married, it’s love at first sight. After their divorce, they got married in 1968. Marc Simenon died in an accident on October 24, 1999.

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Mylène Demongeot died this Thursday, December 1, 2022. He was 87 years old. It was his friend Henry-Jean Servat who announced this sad news to Midi Libre: “He was a great artist. He spent his youth in Montpellier, married in the church of Palavas-les “Flots, which he loved very much. He was committed to the protection of animals. He was a friend for over 40 years. He died after a long illness.” Mylène Demongeot had been suffering from a recurrence of peritoneal cancer for several months.

In October 2022, Mylène Demongeot announced French Sunday recurrence of his peritoneal cancer. The peritoneum is a membrane that covers the inner walls of the abdominal cavity. In case of cancer, the following organs can be affected: stomach, large intestine, ovaries or uterus. Generally, peritoneal cancer is secondary to another cancer. Several treatments may be tried, based on surgery or chemotherapy. Survival rates vary depending on treatment, but like all cancers, peritoneal cancer can be fatal. According to the Lyon University Hospital, approximately 200 people in France are affected by peritoneal cancer each year.

In the columns of France on Sunday, Mylène Demongeot expressed great optimism about the chances of recovery. After chemotherapy, she decided to turn to immunotherapy, which is considered less invasive. “We’ve got great feedback, I’m hopeful! If so many people get away with it, why not me?” When she announced her cancer had returned, Mylène Demongeot said she was experimenting with “a new protocol to treat this damn cancer.” The actress had already undergone a long series of chemotherapy in the summer of 2022. “I was so tired that I asked my doctors to stop everything,” she said. Mylène Demongeot intended to continue shooting in new projects in the cinema. A number of them Nursing home where he already responded to Kev Adams. It was inconceivable that he would stop working, he said French Sunday “I have absolutely no time to be sick.” He said that he is ready to fight against the disease in any case: “I refuse to defeat myself, it would be to win the game and there is no question of that. I will fight until the end! I cannot die. ..”

Mylène Demongeot was also affected by the coronavirus. He actually announced that he was infected with the coronavirus in March 2020. After that, the actress struggled with the disease in the hospital for three weeks, but she finally recovered. He believed to the press that he was cured thanks to Professor Raoult’s treatment.

Journalist Henri-Jean Servat wrote on Thursday: “I have to share the flight to heaven of the artist Mylène Demongeot, a very dear and very beautiful, wonderful actress, a dear friend. The actress’ agent later confirmed this information. The actress who starred in the film Camp, Phantoms or salem witches, He was 87 years old. He was suffering from cancer of the peritoneum. With her blonde hair and smiling face, Mylène Demongeot is often compared to Brigitte Bardot, with whom she fought for the protection of animals.

So, a few hours after the announcement of his death, Brigitte Bardot relied on his columns. good morning, assured that he would regret the missing actress. “I’m stunned… I’m in a lot of pain… I loved him. […] We talked a lot. “He was a great defender of animals,” says Brigitte Bardot, who started making movies at the same time as him in the 1950s. “We had a bond that was never denied. We had twins in one year and one day. He was born on September 29, and I’m 28!”, the actress detailed. Mylène Demongeot managed to bring together several generations of actors as she starred alongside Kev Adams in 2022. C à vous , Thursday, December. 1, the actor said, “Heartache… It breaks my heart.”

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