Talks, “bromantic”, luxurious dinner… Macron’s state visit to Washington

The French president’s three-day state visit to the United States ends this Friday. Before flying to New Orleans, the last leg of the trip, Emmanuel Macron spoke at length with Joe Biden in Washington. An opportunity for heads of state to reach an agreement on Ukraine and fix things on America’s climate plan, considered protectionist by Paris.

After two days of talks punctuated by hugs and lavish dinners, Emmanuel Macron’s state visit to Washington ended on Thursday. Russian aggression against Ukraine was one of the topics discussed and the two heads of state agreed to find a solution together.

Harder: The consequences of Joe Biden’s grand climate plan, deemed protectionist and “discriminatory” by the European Union.

• Ukraine joined hands in Paris and Washington

This is one of the most urgent documents. Emmanuel Macron and his American counterpart Joe Biden have expressed their desire to find a solution in Ukraine together, but without cutting off their support for Kiev.

“If Putin is looking for a way to end the war, I’m ready to talk to him. He hasn’t done that yet,” the US president said at a joint news conference with his French counterpart on Thursday. day.

Joe Biden also stressed that any discussion with the Russian president would be conducted “in consultation with (his) French and NATO friends.” “As the 80-year-old democrat enters the tenth month of the conflict, and especially during the harsh winter season, (we) will maintain our unity to oppose Russian brutality in Ukraine.”

The French president, whose positions on the issue have caused misunderstanding and even some irritation among the Americans in the past, told him that he would never push the Ukrainians to accept an unacceptable compromise regarding Russian aggression. , because it would not make it possible to build “lasting peace”.

In a joint statement, the two countries assured that they will “continue to provide political, security, humanitarian and economic assistance to Kyiv as long as necessary.”

• “Very good discussion” on the economy

This state visit, the first organized by the Biden administration, was also an opportunity to touch on the most controversial topic of the moment: Joe Biden’s energy transition policy, which includes investments of 420 billion dollars. A significant portion of this comes from subsidies and tax breaks, particularly for electric vehicles, batteries and renewable energy projects that promote “Made in the USA.”

The plan has spurred both Brussels and European capitals to pounce, seeing these various subsidies as “discriminatory” measures and “contrary to the rules of the World Trade Organization.”

A plan deemed “super aggressive” by Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday even predicted this. French citizens gathered at the embassy, ​​as reported, “the choices made are choices that will tear the West apart.” The world.

“I’m not apologizing for this legislation,” Joe Biden said, but promised that the “Detect Inflation Act” would fix the “flaws” of the pharaoh’s plan to invest in green energy, especially electric cars.

After several hours of talks, the heads of state said they wanted to “synchronize” approaches on both sides of the Atlantic. “We agreed to discuss practical ways to synchronize our approaches to strengthen supply chains, manufacturing and innovation on both sides of the Atlantic,” the US president said.

“An awareness”, “there is before and after the visit to Washington” accompanied by visiting Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire. The Americans “realize that this could affect European industry, and this is not their goal at all,” we believe from the same source, who now wants to believe “real awareness at the highest level of the American state.”

• A sumptuous dinner in front of an audience of stars

On the occasion of this visit, full of diplomatic love, the White House used it to celebrate Franco-American friendship in all its splendor. Asked why he chose Emmanuel Macron for his first state visit to Washington after his inauguration in early 2021, Joe Biden simply replied: “Because he’s my friend.”

“Bromance” – a combination of two American words, “brother” and “romance” – resulted in gestures of love, small intentions between two men.

Concluding with a lavish gala dinner attended by many celebrities, politicians and business leaders. Among the guests were actress Jennifer Garner, singer John Legend, director Baz Luhrmann or editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine Anna Wintour. Members of Joe Biden’s cabinet, lawmakers and business leaders also attended the reception.

“Tonight we celebrate the long-standing alliance between France and the United States,” Joe Biden said in a toast: “Vive la France et God protect America.” After the meeting, US President Emmanuel Macron added that the two countries share “the same values”.

Agathe Lambret with Fanny Rocher with AFP

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