Putin considers it “inevitable” to attack the infrastructure, Sanna Marin believes that Europe is “not strong enough”, 13 thousand Ukrainian soldiers died… On December 2, the essence of the war in Ukraine

War between Ukraine and Russiacase

This Friday’s update on the war in Ukraine.

Between 10,000 and 13,000 Ukrainian soldiers died after the occupation of their country. At least 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed since Russia invaded the country in February, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Thursday. “We have official calculations of the general staff […] Their number varies between 10,000 […] 13,000 dead“, Mykhailo Podoliak said on Channel 24 of Ukraine. According to him, the head of state will disclose official information to the public “when the time comes.” In June, as Russian forces battled to take control of the Luhansk region in eastern Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky said his country was losing. “Every day, 60 to 100 soldiers are killed in action and around 500 people are injured”. On the other hand, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said in September that 5,937 Russian soldiers had died since February 24.

Europe ‘not strong enough’ for Finnish PM. Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin commented on the issue on Friday “very honestAgainst the background of Russia’s war against Ukraine, clearly declaring the possibilities of Europe, “no way”not strong enoughStanding alone against Moscow. During his visit to Australia, the leader of the candidate country for NATO membership emphasized that Russia’s aggression and occupation of neighboring Ukraine revealed Europe’s weaknesses and strategic mistakes in front of Moscow. “I have to be very honest with you (….), right now Europe is not strong enough, without the United States we would have a problem”, he pointed to the Lowy Institute, a Sydney-based think tank. Sanna Marin insisted that Ukraine needs help “means everything“, adding that the United States has played a central role in providing Kiev with the weapons, funding and humanitarian aid it needs to stop Russia’s advance.

It is nothing for the Kremlin to discuss with Biden. The Kremlin on Friday rejected the conditions outlined by US President Joe Biden a day earlier, saying he was ready to discuss with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin if he withdrew his troops from Ukraine. American President”de facto said that negotiations will be possible only after Putin leaves UkraineMoscow denies this “of course”Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov replied. “Military operations continue”he insisted, but Peskov said President Putin was staying “He is open to communications, negotiations, this is very importantKremlin spokesman said. During Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Washington on Thursday, US President Joe Biden said:If so, then in consultation with my French friends and NATO, I would be happy to sit down with Putin and see what he thinks. He hasn’t done it yet.”during a joint press conference with his French counterpart.

After “suspicious” letters, Ukrainian embassies received parcels with “animal eyes”. “Planned terrorist campaign” From Moscow. This is how Ukraine recently describes the sending of numerous packages to its embassies. On Friday, the country claimed to have received packages at a number of diplomatic missions in Europe “animal eyes”. Kyiv condemnsplanned terrorist campaign” signed Moscow, two days later in Madrid a letter bomb that injured an employee. “Bloody parcels have arrived at the embassies in Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, Italy, Austria, the consulates in Naples and Krakow, and the consulate in Brno”Oleg Nikolenko, the spokesperson of Ukrainian diplomacy, said this in a statement on Facebook. “There were animal eyes in the enclosures”, he noted. Before adding, without going into detail: “The mixtures themselves were soaked in a special colored liquid and had a similar smell“. “We have reason to believe that a well-planned campaign of terror and intimidation against Ukrainian embassies and consulates is ongoing.“, – said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kouleba in a press release on Friday.

An independent Russian TV station based in Riga may lose its broadcasting license. Dojd, an independent Russian TV station in exile in Riga, Latvia, has been in turmoil since the war in Ukraine broke out. It could lose its broadcasting license in this Baltic country “repeated violationsThis was announced by the electronic media regulator of Latvia on Friday. On Friday, a TV channel was fined 10,000 euros for broadcasting a map showing Moscow’s annexed Crimea as part of Russia. The regulator also asked the channel’s viewers to “equipment to these Russians at the front”. In this challenge, the channel sounded “We hope we can help with basic equipment on the front lines.” The state security services of Latvia also announced that they are investigating the TV channel. “Given the crimes committed by the Russian occupation forces against Ukraine and its people, any material or financial assistance to the aggressor country is illegal and may result in criminal liability for financing war and terrorism.“, according to Latvian security services.

According to Viktor Orbán, Brussels is acting against Hungary “for political reasons”. This Friday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán accused Brussels of freezing support funds intended for Hungary. “political reasons”, Understand Budapest’s migration policy and opposition to sanctions against Russia after its invasion of Ukraine. On Wednesday, the European Commission recommended freezing more than 13 billion euros of European funds intended for Hungary. A response to the corruption problems found in this country. Thus, the Commission “decided to stand firmly against the nationalist leader despite his presentation.blackmailthe latter is charged. Indeed, Budapest is blocking an 18 billion euro general aid plan for Ukraine and a minimum tax on the profits of multinational companies. Under the pressure of the European Parliament, the Commission proposed to the Member States, who must decide by December 19, to suspend the 7.5 billion EU funds to be paid to Hungary within the framework of the 2021 budget until 2027.

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