Germany and Spain were fouled after Japan’s controversial goal!

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Several refereeing controversies have rocked the World Cup in the past few days. Last week, Canada had to take advantage of two penalties against Belgium. Two big mistakes by Mr. Gianni Sikazwe while blowing the whistle during this meeting. The Blues were also the victims of a mistake on Wednesday as Antoine Griezmann’s goal was disallowed after the commitment and the referee blew the final whistle. If we rely on the rules, this is impossible. The penalty awarded to Lionel Messi after a foul by Szczsny in the Argentina-Poland match was also discussed.

What about the controversy after Japan’s second goal against Spain? A scandalous achievement as Kaoru Mitoma’s cross before Tanaka’s goal was confirmed by video aid to have gone out of bounds. After many minutes, the referee confirmed the Blue Samurai’s goal as they won 2-1 and finished top of their group ahead of La Roja. Which destroyed the Germans. As soon as the media returns to this controversy this Friday Image with title: “All Germany is talking about THIS target from Japan!”

Germany is furious

The German publication writes about it “minute decision“: “Mitoma plays the ball from the edge to the middle, which makes the score 2-1. The important question: was the bullet still in it? After the video review, the referee says: yes (…) This goal was checked in three minutes because the ball could have been out of bounds (…) On TV, it appears that the ball is completely behind the goal line. This can be done at a distance of only a few millimeters. Japan’s goal is important. Like England’s goal at Wembley in the 1966 final.”.

Image adds: “This is a bitter drama. As in the 1966 World Cup final against England at Wembley Stadium, it was again a controversial decision and Germany lost again in the end.. “There are big doubts about Japan’s winning goal”hood on his side Sports 1. is asked by Imagearbitration expert Patrick Ittrich is also skeptical: “The judge looked at the assistant. They had a brief relationship. The assistant probably wasn’t sure either. Then it was checked. Then the goal was awarded later. The verification process took a long time. If the assistant put the flag down, would you give immediately? »

Controversial goal in Spain

Itrich continues: “That’s why we need visual evidence. Thanks to the arm line camera, you have it. There are several other cameras in the stadiums to check this. Apparently they saw that the ball was out of bounds.. A decision that is not understood in Spain, where the loss of first place in the group is not digestible. Sports wrote about it: “Surreal! VAR confirms Japan’s goal, but… is the ball out of bounds? VAR ruled that the ball had not completely left the baseline and awarded the goal to Tanaka.. A controversial goal that sparked a reaction brand. “VAR ruled the ball was in”.

Same story for AS : “Football world in shock: no one understood how Japan’s goal was confirmed. The ball appeared to have clearly crossed the goal line, but VAR deemed otherwise.. For his part, Luis Enrique had hallucinations. “When VAR took so long to decide (…) when I was shown a photo, I felt something was wrong. But I can’t believe this photo is real, it must be fake or a montage! It is not possible otherwise. I dare not believe this photo, and I will not express my opinion that it is preferred.

Japan comments on this controversial achievement

Few media in England like it Sunwhich shows that the Germans “angry”and the advisers shouted fouls as did Gary Neville. “In the Ecuador-Qatar match, I struggled with it when the first offside goal was disallowed and I was worried that we didn’t get the right angles for the shots. This is not good. We have hundreds of cameras in these stadiums where we can’t miss anything, but we are behind in terms of showing the decisions. Graeme Souness said: “There are 80 million Germans who must be crazy right now and are waiting for the photo that shows the ball is not out of bounds”.

And Japan in all this? After the meeting, Kaoru Mitoma, answering the question about the controversial goal, explained that the ball was only “.half came out” admitted: “I wouldn’t be disappointed if they told me there was no purpose because he was left out.” His trainer Hajime Moriyasu told him: “There is a lot of technology in the big football scene today. And if the ball was actually out of bounds, it wouldn’t count. The referee ruled that the ball was in and we respected that. But we were ready to accept it anyway. A costly goal for the Japanese, top of Group E, and elimination for Germany.

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