What is the government planning in case of power outages this winter?

Will we have to deal with power outages this winter? Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne asks prefects to prepare for this assumption, esp lack of production from nuclear power plants. Each prefect will receive a circular to consider what to do in the event of an outage and to prepare businesses and residents. 60% of the population can be affected.

The text, which covers all metropolitan areas connected to Italy and has its own electricity production, with the exception of Corsica, serves to “finalize the preparation of the country”. burden reduction remains a hypothesis at this stage. “We would only cut if the cold is confirmed, if we have production or interconnection problems (with neighboring countries) and if consumption does not decrease”A source in the government told AFP about this. The goal is to avoid total failure, blackout guarantees the safety of goods and people.

Pasts were reported the day before

In case of power failure, a EcoWatt signal
red will be given three days ago. List of concerned departments will be published later the day beforeat 17:00 it will be possible to know exactly who is affected by the outages by entering their addresses on the website of Enedis and RTE, which manage the French electricity transmission and distribution network.

Cut off during peak consumption

No department will be completely freed, but only minority parts of the territory, and never the same people twice. Cuts it cannot last more than two hours. They will be implemented during peak consumption, ie. 8 am to 1 pm and 6 pm to 8 pm.. According to a source familiar with the matter contacted by AFP, prefects are being asked to submit plans to reduce the burden. reduce consumption by 38% in the relevant fields. The inter-ministerial crisis unit is working on the assumption that six to ten shipments will be necessary over the Christmas period. They will affect six million people at once.

Hospitals, rescue, police: priority sites

14,000 sites have been identified as priority. These are police stations, fire stations, police stations, hospitals and sensitive sites. This is also included in the secret list some industries as well as classified objects with generators having a month to check their performance. The only households that will be spared from the cuts are those that benefit from the neighborhood, hence the power line, the protected infrastructure. The people are hospitalized at homeIt was protected thanks to the information kept up-to-date by the Regional Health Institutions.

“Obviously, even when we map Paris hospitals, power outages are a puzzle we don’t know how to solve.”This was reported by a source in the government Franceinfo
. As many sectors as possible have been identified in Ile-de-France, Paris and its suburbs so that the Ile-de-France region can contribute to the effort.

schools closed?

While some sites will be protected, others will have to adapt. Schools in areas affected by outages may be closed in the morning because Govt does not want schools to be opened without light and heat and without an alarm device. Colleges and high schools may also be affected by evening cuts.

Traffic is disrupted

In the same spirit, trains may be cancelledfor preventing travelers from getting stuck in the middle of the road. The prefects will also have to look after the cities where there is a subway. It is necessary to ensure that the metro runs its entire line without stopping passengers in the tunnel. In the event of a power outage, traffic lights and public lighting won’t work either. So the prefects will have to ask the population limit car travel as much as possible when unloading.

Questions about emergency numbers are not expected

For now, the government is considering the issue of disconnecting the phones. Because when there is no electricity, there is neither a landline nor an antenna-relay. Calling emergency services will therefore It is recommended to prefer the number 112. However, it may not be available everywhere. Mapping white areas and relay telephone antennas Continue. Once these maps are constructed, the prefects will then have to organize solutions, e.g crisis units were launched in the municipal buildings. According to the report, the strengthening of the presence of police and emergency services on the public highway is also noted. Franceinfo

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