Planet Bourgogne, a specialist in digital solutions for businesses, is showing strong growth

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It was born in the metropolis of Dijon with the advent of the general public Internet, at a time when connections required the use of a modem and even before the birth of wanadoo. The technique has clearly advanced since then, and so has Planet Bourgogne. For companies with a constantly growing turnover of more than two million euros and a growing workforce, this digital specialist is doing well. Planet Bourgogne is participating in the first DevFest this Friday, December 2, in Dijon. interview with David Juras, Software Development Manager.

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David Juras, Software Development Manager, Planet Bourgogne
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France Bleu Bourgogne: Planet Bourgogne, what is it?

David Juras: It is a digital company that has been around since 1995. We have already passed a quarter of a century. We have three main activities, hosting, in other words data centers, outsourcing, which is a complementary activity to hosting, and software development. There are many companies that need a “storefront” website, need an e-commerce store. We will be able to position ourselves on standard solutions in the market where we will make some adaptations for the customer’s needs. But we also know how to work with completely custom software and on more complex solutions that really affect the information system and all business processes of our customers.

Technology is developing very fast. Does this mean that we must always anticipate future changes?

It’s a very fast-changing market because our customers’ needs change very, very quickly, and it’s absolutely necessary to be able to respond technologically and always be ready for the next evolution of the market.

How do you stand out?

Be it for our software development, hosting and outsourcing activities, or with our “custom made” approach to our support and proximity to our customers. There are many of us who have been working continuously for five, ten, fifteen, even twenty years because we have this affinity, this understanding of their profession, their problems and their needs, and our ability to provide them with relevant services. solutions. It is our greatest pride that Planet Bourgogne can have this support over time and continuously.

One of the current problems is computer attacks and hacking. Does it require a lot of work from you?

This is a big deal for the whole profession. It’s also, I think, a big deal for our customers. We take all the necessary measures, both in software that we can produce for them, and in software platform systems that we can outsource. But there is also an important part that involves learning or better understanding the customers and hacker techniques. Piracy, and especially social piracy, abounds. We talk a lot about phishing, ransomware, and all of that often goes through a human problem at the base.

Who are your customers?

We have both businesses and communities. And at the business level, we can have VSEs, SMEs as well as small or large accounts in the national market.

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Energy crisis? Not afraid at all!

Like all companies, Planet Bourgogne closely monitors the increase in electricity prices, which definitely affects productivity, especially since computers cannot be turned off while tools are running, the problem lies elsewhere. Recurring threats of power outages in France today amid overconsumption could cause more problems, especially for servers where customer data is stored. But here again, the concern remains very moderate, as everything is planned to ensure the continuity of the service, David Juras reports.

“In terms of the development itself or outsourcing, I would say that we are a little bit like any other company. On the hosting side, the situation is a little bit different. And really, you have to be very careful. We are still going through the “energy” contracts that have been negotiated for a long time. At the moment, the situation is under control. is under. We don’t know what will happen six, twelve, 18 or 24 months from now. But in terms of continuity of service to our customers, even in the event of a power outage, we know that we can take over with secondary power supplies like generators in our data centers. There will be no impact. “ provides the framework of the company.

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First DevFest in Dijon

Planet Bourgogne is the first to participate Dijon DevFest
The Developers Group was organized by Dijon after discussions with Google. It is an association initiated by a collective of digital companies such as Dijon Métropole and Planet Bourgogne.

This first big meeting offers about ten conferences and exchanges between developers during the day on Friday, December 2, in the building of ENSIREM on the university campus.

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