Morocco: marketing in the service of young graduates against unemployment

Published on December 1, 2022


According to the Moroccan Higher Planning Commission, “the national economy lost 58,000 jobs nationally between the third quarter of 2021 and 2022, with the creation of 136,000 jobs in urban areas and the loss of 194,000 jobs in rural areas” and the unemployment rate in the third quarter of 2021 reached 12.3% at the national level in the quarter,

Scary and real, young Moroccans struggle to find work. Any public or private company that wants to combine growth and profit with the design of product (or service) offers in accordance with consumer expectations must start with deep market research that allows to better define the needs of potential consumers.

Dividing the market into homogeneous groups based on a number of criteria (sociodemographic, psychological, behavioral, etc.) is the second stage, which is called segmentation. The latter opens the target ball, which consists of choosing the segment or segments in which the company will be most competitive, finally, determining its position in the minds of consumers, choosing a position suitable for the company’s strategic vision. .

The reflection phase has just been completed and the company will have to act.

The marketing mix (or 4P) must be implemented: the organization determines the specific characteristics of the offered product (or service), decides on the price, chooses the communication policy that best suits the nature of the offer, and finally distributes its product. to better cover the market.

Now we have an overview of the process that companies follow before they see the light of day and start their recruitment calls.

have you just finished You won’t stop hearing the famous question:

“Khdmti wla mazal? » (have you got a job or not yet?)

If you answer no, society helps you make excuses: we are in the middle of a crisis; job offers are limited; if you don’t have piston, you will never get a job worthy of your academic and intellectual level.

Do you approve? Shake yourself up and think about it again. You are capable of being among the best. You will know how to land one of the growing job offers. You have to convince yourself that if you can’t find a job, it’s not entirely because of a financial crisis, but because of a profile crisis.

Is it ever questioned? Do you have a clear idea of ​​what you really want? Do you have the required skills?

What are companies doing to market you? market?

Don’t you think that I, you, they are products (skills) for sale? We sell ourselves to a company with specific expectations and needs that we must meet (you are the solution).

Let’s take the marketing steps forward in our job search. You will see, it is magic, but you will see that it is effective.

You can’t get hired without researching labor market trends, companies operating in your specialty sector, and the evolution of the profession you’re looking for…

The evidence suggests that you should start with market research. Then you should divide all these companies into small groups, for example, you should take the field of activity, turnover, international presence as segmentation criteria. Now you have an increasingly clear vision of where you want to work, so target the companies that resonate with you the most. Finally, from this invisible stage, you need to define the position you want to occupy in the mind of your employer (for example, I want him to think of me every time I mention my dynamism).

Now you are ready to take action. You have all the information you need to integrate the business world.

As we mentioned above, we should talk about the marketing mix, sticking to the marketing approach followed by the companies. It is first and foremost about the product that is you: that is why you must know yourself before you can sell yourself. Questioning yourself, knowing your strengths, weaknesses, ambitions as well as your professional project is the key to success in your job search.

After that, you need to know your worth and be successful in negotiating your salary, which will determine your price in the labor market.

No one can deny that today the world is connected to the internet and we all have at least one social media account. You should take advantage of this and get an e-review that will encourage companies to contact you. Advertise yourself by answering on job sites (,… the list goes on)

Finally, be mobile and distribute yourself anywhere, ready to be available for any interview offer; it will help you get used to it and relieve your stress.

I conclude my article by reminding you that if you organize yourself and follow these steps, your piston will always be on you, it is you now. I wish you all good luck.

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