LIVE – Croatia-Belgium: “We had a better team than Croatia,” says Roberto Martinez

Lukaku defends after tissue setbacks

“He had his chances, but it wasn’t just him, it was everyone, we all tried to put ourselves in the best positions to score. Yes, he missed chances, but I don’t think it was his fault. We all wanted to win, all of us knew it had to be done,” the Stade Rennais winger reacted.

“A lot of players cried,” says Batshuayi

“Of course I’m disappointed, we’re out. I’m a striker and I’d like to do my job, score goals, help the team. It’s disappointing to go out like that. We didn’t win just once, but Belgium should have played better. I’m not going to say that we we don’t deserve to go out, but we should have played better. Everything is disappointing. Roberto Martinez’s departure? We were surprised, he told us while crying. There are many players who are crying, it’s the last for a few players, this is the World Cup, not a friendly game. 4 years and more it’s normal to have regrets.”

“We had a better team than Croatia,” says Roberto Martinez

Roberto Martinez after Belgium’s elimination: “The disappointment is the same because we are eliminated. In a tournament like this, the margin of error is very small. We had a better team than Croatia in this match. We played better in my game. I think if we had continued, we would have seen the real Belgium.”

Belgium: Roberto Martinez announced his departure

After the elimination of the Belgian national team, Roberto Martinez announced to the Belgian press that he has left the post of head coach. “Yes, this was my last game with the Red Devils.” Regardless, it would be the end. Getting out of the group stage doesn’t change anything. I made a decision shortly before the start of the World Cup. I wanted a long-term project. I wanted to stick to Belgium and finish the job. I turned down several offers during this time. I’m not resigning.” The 49-year-old coach has been in charge since September 2016. He guided the Red Devils to the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup.

Fist on the bench, Thierry Henry at his bedside … Lukaku was very impressed after his big failures

Romelu Lukaku missed great chances late in the game to send the Red Devils into the round of 16. At the final whistle, the “Inter” striker was in tears, the head coach of the Belgian strikers, Thierry Henry, consoled him. Angered by his performance, Lukaku was also seen violently punching the bench.

It’s over! Croatia in the 1/8 finals!

The Belgians had their chances, especially Lukaku, but the Croatians won 0-0! The vice-world champions will be there in the round of 16 as group runners-up after Morocco! Belgium’s golden generation missed its release.

Lukaku is cursed

After Sosa’s clearance, the ball returned to him 5 meters from the goal, but Guardiol struggled in an extreme position. Classic defensive action!


Dok shoots and passes Thorgan Hazard manages to serve. Livakovic and Lovren open up holes and the ball hits Lukaku’s chest, who fails to sink the ball six meters deep. The Croatian goalkeeper is very happy to have the ball in his hands.

Eden Hazard replaced Meunier

De Bruyne gives him the captain’s armband. There may not be time to make symbols, even if you take into account the beautiful image, the remaining time and the situation.


Meunier plays the shot well after the first push back: no forced recovery, ball in front of goal. Lukaku is on the line and moves his foot but can’t frame it.

We always feel tension

Guardiol and the out-and-out Livakovic offer us a little misunderstanding that surely suggests we’re entering an area where the mind will play a big role.

Croatia still in control

Even if we were 51% in favor of Belgium in the whole match! Funny impression: Croatians know better than to settle in the opposing camp.

Funny beat in this meeting

Mini highlights with a few flashes, then hums again. Please note that Croatia is currently in 2nd place due to Morocco’s win and Belgium’s elimination. But the goal will change everything: if it’s for Belgium, they’ll qualify, if it’s for Croatia, they’ll be in the lead.

Belgian double change

Tielemans and Doku replace Dendoncker and Carrasco.

We feel that De Bruyne is trying to be sharper

This time, he tries to shoot from a very tight angle from the laser pass. It started well, but the Croatian goalkeeper is careful.

Courtois has not yet intervened

He is currently the winner in his duel with Real teammate Modric.

Dendoncker was the first to be warned about the game

A tackle that doesn’t receive the ball, but maybe not a player.

Croatia’s double change

Kramaric and Livajac exit, Pasalic and Petkovic enter.

Lukaku holds his head with both hands

De Bruyne will have fewer regrets after seeing the ball go wide when he passes. Lovren puts it in front of his keeper and Lukaku heads over the empty net.


How much De Bruyne passed to set up Carrasco, who went too fast and tripped the Croatian keeper. With people in front of him, the ball goes back to Lukaku, who sends a mine. The ball hits the post and then goes down the line, the wrong way for Belgium!

A Hazard makes his entrance

Thorgan is the first on the field. He replaced Trossard.

Courtois goes down twice in quick succession!

The highlight of the Croatians, who got on top of a great goalkeeper (in every sense of the word) but also knew how to go down when needed.


Kovacic is alone at the entrance of the court, but his shot lacks a little power. However, he hides his intention well, but the Belgian keeper is able to pull back.

Lukaku is already putting his head down

This time it’s the Belgians first. The corner is headed back, but Lukaku is consistently found in the centre. He is very difficult to beat and Livakovic can easily take over.

Here we go again and Lukaku is in!

The Belgian giant replaces Mertens (less giant).

It’s a break!

0-0, combined with Morocco’s 2-1 win so far, suits Croatia, who are effectively 2nd in the group.

Modric’s teammates are controlling the game with few chances and the Belgians are not motivated enough to pose a threat. However, you will have to win at all costs!

The ball went through Croatia’s goal!

Dendoncker jumps back after the patient’s attack. It is bent, but not enough to hold the orientation of the cage.

Still not a great show

Croatia is in control, Belgium lacks inspiration: we are currently on 4-on-3 shots.

Belgium is struggling to create

And the Red Devils don’t often have the opportunity to do that. Croatia really mastered the game very well, keeping the ball without rushing.

Sosa manages to place his head

It was not easy for him to manage to touch the ball between Vertonghen and Castagna. Despite the lack of size, the Croatian controls there, but can’t find the frame.

In another game, Morocco scored a double

Therefore, between Croatia and Belgium, there will be a team that must win.

Croatia sets its own pace

And it’s not the most insane pace, but after all the checkered shirts qualified with a draw…

Oh no, in the video it is said that the Croatian playing the ball, not Kramaric, is offside

And supporters whistle 3D visualization: it is performed to the millimeter.


A (real) French-fried cone-clad spectator can rejoice: an offside penalty is overturned by Kramaric early in the action.

We are waiting until we hit the penalty

Mr. Taylor is going to watch the video. Kramaric looked offside before the foul. We’re in a bit of a Griezmann case yesterday.


The Belgians struggle to clear the indirect free-kick and Carrasco is late to interfere with Kramaric!


De Bruyne’s classy move on the counter-attack straightens the defense and dislodges Mertens. The former Neapolitan tries to roll out of control, but his shot flies!


Mertens is set up well in the right half space and crosses low for the former Monegasque at the far post. The angle is closed and Carrasco’s shot is finally turned into a corner by a defender.

Belgium is trying to push a little further

The shot is blocked, then we try to throw Mertens deep a few seconds later. It does nothing for the moment.

Score in another game

Morocco is no match for the two teams we’ve been watching, leaving almost only one place.

First Belgian attack on the opposite side

The move ended with Meunier’s pass and therefore the ball was lost.

Croatia got off to a strong start

Even if the Belgian defense finally manages to clear the trailing centre, it struggles to stand out. Anyway, it’s going well!


Perišić takes a shot from the corner of the penalty area, but the ball misses the frame. He finally gets a few tens of centimeters past the post, but starts strong.

Let’s go !

The start was given by Croatia.

It’s time for hymns

Lijepa nasa domovino (“Notre belle patrie” in French), then La Brabanchonne (“La Brabanchonne” in French).

Both teams come to the field

In addition to the French camps, to the sound of our national Gims, which now cover the world.

Composition of Belgium

Belgium is missing Batshuayi, Hazard and Lukaku.

Dendoncker Alderweireld Vertonghen
Meunier Witsel De Bruyne Castagne
Trossard Mertens-Carrasco

Croatia team

This is the default command. Rennes’ Lovro Majer starts on the bench.

Croatia qualified if…

Croatia qualifies if:

– He does not lose in the game against Belgium.

– Loses to Belgium, while Morocco holds a worse goal difference (currently +2 vs +3) or a worse attack (2 goals to 4 after 2 days) and loses to Canada.

Belgium qualified if…

Belgium qualifies if:

– They won against Croatia.

– Draw with Croatia and Morocco lose by three goals (two goals down) or by more than three.

Scenarios that will choose Belgium and Croatia

The defeat of the day has a high chance of leaving the world championship. However, two scenarios will allow Croatia and Belgium to qualify for the round of 16:

– Draw between Belgium and Croatia and defeat Morocco over three balls.

– Belgium win and Morocco lose if Croatia keeps the goal difference in their favor.

The situation in group F at the beginning

For now, Croatia is first and ahead of Morocco. Belgium is virtually out of order. With two losses already, Canada is out.

Group F classification before J3

1. Croatia, 4 points (+3)

2. Morocco, 4 points (+2)

3. Belgium, 3 points (-1)

4. Canada, 0 points (-4)


From 16:00 you can watch the shock of the third day of the World Championship group F live with commentary on RMC Sport.

Back at the wall, Belgium said they beat Croatia to book a place in the round of 16 regardless of Morocco’s poor performance against Canada. One thing is certain, this duel between the 2018 World Cup finalist and the third place will save a disastrous fate for the loser.

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