Hansi Flick’s surprising reaction after being eliminated!

What will happen after this ad?

“Football is an eleven-on-eleven sport, and in the end Germany wins”. If the translation of England striker Gary Lineker’s now-famous media release isn’t quite accurate compared to the original on VO: “Football is a simple game; 22 men shoot the ball for 90 minutes and in the end the Germans always win», this sentence from 1990 was reaffirmed this Thursday evening. Tombeur, suffering from Costa Rica (4-2), carried Kai Havertz’s double, Germany (again) imposed itself. Yes, but now, Germany, who were more in control of their destiny at the start, could not cope with Japan’s victory over Spain (2-1).

Date canceled…

More so than the success of the Blue Samurai, the Mannschaft’s winner on the first day, this success strongly condemned Joshua Kimmich’s team-mates. A sad ending that logically led to disappointment in the German ranks. “We should not have lost the first match (against Japan). We should have won tonight, we should have scored more goals. I don’t believe it (Germany expected a good result from Spain). We didn’t have many successes, we had opportunities that we didn’t know how to seize. It would be very easy to say it’s Spain’s fault, it’s our fault.”Antonio Rüdiger made sure for his part bein Sports. Questioned at the end of the meeting, Thomas Müller revealed that it was undoubtedly related to the last match with the German national team.

“This is a complete disaster! I don’t know what will happen next. If this was my last game, I would like to say a few words to the German football fans. It was a pleasure, dear people. We had great times. I tried to put my heart on the field in every game. I have always shown loyalty and sometimes my actions brought tears of joy and sometimes pain on the faces of the audience. Although I did not succeed in all my actions, I did it with love. I have to see everything else.”with that in mind, the Bayern striker was confident in his microphoneARD.

Hansi Flick, the man for the job?

Hansi Flick, who was invited to talk about her family’s disaster, did not hide her disappointment. “I’m not dumb, but I can interpret the game very well. I was disappointed at halftime, I was really angry. How we made the opponent stronger. We had endless possibilities. We beat the opponent with mistakes and opportunities from our side. it wasn’t good”before clarifying his remarks, he first analyzed the German coach. “Despite everything, it must be said that we won the match, we could have won more. The elimination was decided in 20 minutes against Japan, not today. Even in the match against Spain, we could have won 2:1 in the end. We were not effective in this tournament. That’s why we’re out of order. Of course, the disappointment is great. We have to digest it first.”.

Restarted by Bastian Schweinsteiger for possible mental deficiencies, Flick nevertheless wanted to defend the state of mind of his people. “We conceded goals and made mistakes. I don’t see that the team is on fire. He wanted it. In the first half, of course, there was a bit of disappointment after the missed opportunities. We tried to perform better in the second half. We also knew that Costa Rica was very dangerous in standard situations. These are things we can do better. We no longer have a chance to perform better in the World Cup. So we are going home now. We helped bring us home.”He coolly acknowledged the German strongman before conveying his feelings about the future of German football.

“I think that for the future of German football, we have to do different things in training. For many years we talked about new goalkeepers, new defenders. The good thing about German football is that we defended well. We need these elements, we need the basic things (…) We have to try to go in a different way and this is one of the steps that we have to take now and we will do it quickly”. Finally, questioned about his future, the former coach of Bayern Munich left room for doubt. “We will solve it quickly, it is difficult to respond when we lose right after the game. We’ll see that soon.”. Will a new era come for the German selection? The answer will come soon…

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