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The customer journey has undergone a radical change in recent years: the proliferation of touch points, the gradual evolution of sales models, the acceleration of online sales require a structured approach to create an attractive omnichannel experience, explains Amal Dopçi, Consulting Director and Tender Manager France. SQLI, an international digital services and customer experience design company.

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Amal Dopchie, Consulting Director and Proposal Manager France at SQLI

Why is it important to provide the best possible omnichannel experience?

With multiple touchpoints and a central dimension in the customer journey, mobile calls into question the concept of ‘single channel’ or ‘channel silos’. Paths become dissonant and complex: they must merge. Indeed, the consumer, regardless of time and place, is looking for a seamless experience without worrying about the concept of channels: research, inspiration, decision, sharing, until the decisive moment to complete the purchase. . Not forgetting course maintenance, ambassador role or possible need for after sales service or return and refund management.

How to build this experience in this context?

First, you need to align the customer data that exists at all levels of the company and the journey, but is not taken into account as a whole. Then friction, brakes, response incidents, in the store, on the Internet, on the phone, etc. you need to optimize your processes to reduce dissonant messages between interactions. It is also important to improve governance: bringing together business and technical visions with constant and global sharing of the needs and challenges of different parties. With ever-increasing acquisition costs, it has also become important to maximize customer conversion with finer and more personalized strategies (retargeting, remarketing via email, SMS, etc.). Finally, when we are drowning in too many emails, ineffective and not very personalized insights, we need to provide a more “human” and “empathetic” view of the brand: through relevant messages and services at every stage and whatever. channel.

Which technologies should be preferred?

There are several solutions to pursue a true global and omnichannel experience. However, with connectors or data visualization tools, it is necessary to visualize and track part or all of the journey, track the customer’s “touch points” and messages, follow his trail. Harmonize existing tools and gradually move towards course adaptation and enrichment; promote solutions to reconcile existing, physical and virtual data; send the right messages. And work on new, more relevant and personalized workflows. These are often solutions that do not require a long integration time or to “break” the current configuration of the IS at our clients. Today, the customer still lacks the ability to be identified or recognized regardless of the point of contact, to quickly reach a definitive and personalized recommendation or, conversely, to see a sales advisor in-store offering a service or additional purchase. to receive relevant and dosed messages after a date or visit or purchase.

How does Bloomreach overcome these challenges?

SQLI is a digital agency with strong expertise in consulting, design, development and experience and integration of e-commerce platforms. With Bloomreach, we’ve built e-commerce systems to optimize travel and omnichannel communication campaigns: meet personalization goals (search, trade, cart reloads and beyond) and maximize conversion rate. With a CMS base and headless content management, Bloomreach enables customer engagement across all channels, personalized and targeted marketing campaigns, especially through an integrated marketing automation system to drive and facilitate conversion. Whether in-store or browsing an e-commerce site, the message takes this history into account. Finally, the recommendation goes further by suggesting search contextualization (online search engine) and site merchandising (targeted product recommendations), always based on data from its multi-channel history. The solution is highly valued by our customers for its ease of integration, fluidity and efficiency.

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