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If the idea of ​​a man with a knife makes you think of Halloween horror movies and Freddy Krueger, you might not be a ’90s kid – the one and only Johnny Depp (in his youth) knew the awesome weirdness and weirdness of Edward Scissorhands. Now is the time for the generation raising their own children to share the mysterious magnet of a man with sharp finger blades with their own children, and this is Christmas, not a Halloween tradition. In one of the haunting perspectives on reality and fantasy that only Tim Burton can deliver, Edward Scissorhands has become an annual holiday favorite for an entire generation. It’s a story of selfless love, the sensuality of being a leather-clad outsider in the pastel world of suburban America, and the magic of Christmas snow.

As the holiday season begins, it’s the perfect time to revisit the gothic tale that has captivated an entire generation. Find out where to watch Edward Scissorhands and share Johnny Depp’s most memorable portrayal with a new generation, or for the simple nostalgic joy of watching a unique holiday story of unrequited love. Here’s the good news: you can now watch this original classic on Disney+.

Watch Edward Scissorhands on Disney+

“Avon Calling…” in a gothic castle overlooking a candy-colored suburban community.

Written and produced by Tim Burton with co-writer Caroline Thompson, Edward Scissorhands is a festive visual treat that offers a timeless look at the suburbs as the holiday season approaches. The film presents a stark contrast between square blocks of pastel-colored houses and a short-haired, bespectacled Avon lady ringing musical doorbells up the hill. Peg Boggs, looking for a client to sell cosmetics, instead finds a humanoid “young man” in leather, abandoned in a decaying castle by his inventor father/creator, who fashions Edward as “she’s never seen, but sadly died before.” he could complement Edward’s hands. Edward’s fingers are long, sharp scissor blades.

Despite the black skin and razor-sharp blades, kind Peg sees something in Edward’s soulful eyes and invites the white-faced, black-clad stranger to live with her and her traditional American family—because who wouldn’t?

There, Edward quickly moves from talk of the town to toast of the town, then moves out of town, hunted with torches and proverbial pitchforks after rejecting the sexual advances of a desperate divorcee and winning the heart of Peg’s teenage daughter. her famous but cruel-hearted jock boyfriend.

Will Edward and Kim’s love survive the inevitable collisions that come with being strangers in small-town America, or will narrow-minded neighbors drive Edward back to carving ice sculptures alone in his castle?

Find out where to watch Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands also stars Winona Ryder as Kim, Anthony Michael Hall from The Answer Club and Jim the jock from 16 Candles, and Diane Wiest as Peg. In one of Burton’s first critically acclaimed expressionist films, you can picture Edward Scissorhands as a hauntingly romantic treatment of the original, human Frankenstein, with haunting music and a deeply moving performance by Depp.

With the Christmas season now underway, it’s time to revisit the gothic magic of Edward Scissorhands. While not a traditional Christmas classic, the film’s snowy ending, the filming of the film’s behind-the-scenes scenes at the Boggs’ annual Christmas party, has made it a favorite seasonal watch for many families for decades. When you watch Edward Scissorhands, now streaming on Disney+, you can enjoy the magic of an Inhuman with more heart than the people who reject him.

Watch Edward Scissorhands on Disney+

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