The 10 Best Thanksgiving Movies According to Reddit

Everyone knows the traditional Christmas and Halloween movies that are enjoyed around the world, but Thanksgiving is a holiday that is sadly underrepresented when it comes to holiday movies. Regardless, there are still a few classic movies where Thanksgiving plays a role in the story.

To celebrate the upcoming holidays, Reddit users recently shared some of their favorite Thanksgiving movies, or at least movies that reflect the holidays in some way. These are the movies that get audiences into the Thanksgiving spirit more than any other.

The Big Cold (1983)

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The Big Chill is a classic ’80s comedy starring some of the greatest actors of their generation, including legends like Jeff Goldblum, Glenn Close and William Hurt. The set brings this festive story of family and friendship to life with lots of funny jokes and touching relationships.

Redditor starsinthineyes agrees that The Big Chill has “such a great cast” that it goes beyond a simple storyline and makes it a hilarious viewing experience that many viewers revisit every year when they need a holiday treat.

Black Friday (2021)

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Even though Black Friday technically comes after Thanksgiving, Casey Tebo’s spooky horror feature from last year still has plenty of holiday cheer. The story follows a group of toy store workers who have to fend off a horde of infected shoppers.

Editor ohadi_nacnud_3 calls Black Friday the perfect Thanksgiving movie, even though it’s not a traditional movie. Black Friday is a great holiday-themed horror for fans of the genre, lightening things up despite its dark themes.

Alice’s Restaurant (1969)

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Perhaps the longest-running Thanksgiving movie still attracting audiences, it’s amazing how effortlessly Alice’s Restaurant has aged. Arthur Penn’s classic adventure is full of laughs and charming performances that hold up well today, with many families celebrating the film as an annual Thanksgiving watch.

Reddit user typical_humanoid admits that Alice’s Restaurant is “one of the few restaurants […] holiday movies. Although Thanksgiving movies are not as popular as Christmas or Halloween movies, they have helped Alice’s Restaurant maintain its popularity and status for a long time.

Holland (1991)

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With chilly weather and tender family moments, it’s more the atmosphere than the story that makes the Dutch movie a Thanksgiving movie for many viewers. Reddit user Ohanonymous makes the movie look like the perfect Thanksgiving treat.

“I always try to watch Holland on Thanksgiving,” they wrote. The film follows Ed O’Neill as he is forced to spend time with his girlfriend’s son, and their growing relationship elevates the film to “comfort movie” status for many.

James and the Giant Peach (1996)

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Henry Selick’s James and the Giant Peach tells the story of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s tale, bringing it to life with a unique animation style and a wonderfully heartfelt storyline. The fall weather and family values ​​make this a perfect family movie for Thanksgiving night.

Reddit user dense-pea-1714 agrees that James and the Giant Peach is “the perfect Thanksgiving movie.” It may not be directly related to the holidays, but this Disney movie has plenty of food that audiences will love on Thanksgiving.

Son in Law (1993)

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The Groom tells the story of Rebecca, a country girl who invites her friend Crawl to her family’s Thanksgiving dinner to pretend to be her fiance. It’s a hilarious comedy of errors, but the endearing characters and family atmosphere keep it thrilling year after year.

Redditor herecomedatmoonboi calls Bridegroom “one of my favorite Thanksgiving movies,” and it’s also one of the few movies that are set squarely around the holidays. Pauly Shore and Carla Gugino shine in the lead roles, creating a fun dynamic from start to finish.

Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

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For many viewers, Fantastic Mr. Fox is not only Wes Anderson’s most watchable film to date, but also the perfect film to get into the Thanksgiving spirit in late November. The fall vibe and orange color scheme are perfect for the holidays, and Anderson’s style is perfect for a family look.

Reddit user Thekoreanbanana says that even though Thanksgiving is often “overshadowed” by other holidays towards the end of the year, Fantastic Mr.[s] you feel grateful” he said in the spirit of the holidays.

Funny People (2009)

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The holiday spirit may not be as evident in Funny People , but Reddit user carefreeliving13 still recommends the film because it was filmed during Thanksgiving. In fact, the funniest and most iconic scene in the film takes place during Thanksgiving dinner.

Funny People is one of Judd Apatow’s classic comedies of the 2000s with a cast of talented actors and actresses including Seth Rogen, Leslie Mann and Adam Sandler. Like many Apatow stories, it’s clear that each member of the cast has a blast on set, which makes for a more entertaining viewing experience.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987)

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Planes, Trains and Automobiles is one of the most popular Thanksgiving movies, and for good reason. Not only did it feature an outstanding cast with hilarious performances, it stood the test of time as an important family story that resonated with many audiences.

Reddit user m_e_n_n_o calls it an “awesome movie,” and I’m sure many other moviegoers agree. The film remains one of John Hughes’ most highly regarded projects, cementing the director as one of the most influential of his era.

Thank You (2008)

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Anyone looking for something a little more offbeat to watch on Thanksgiving should look no further than this holiday-inspired Thanksgiving about a killer turkey that stalks college students in the winter.

It’s a pretty absurd premise for a movie, but director Jordan Downey does a great job mixing comedy into the story to make sure it never takes itself too seriously. Redditor 1894win calls Thankskilling one of the greatest movies for the holidays because of its unexpected and unconventional nature.

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