The 10 most shockingly brutal movies according to Reddit

While recent films like Black Panther: Forever Wakanda and Bullet Train have let audiences know what to expect from the start, other films are complete surprises. To build tension, some films feature characters who start off mildly and end up becoming so violent that the audience is completely shocked.

From classic films like The Godfather to modern thriller masterpieces like Parasite, a character’s sudden turn to violence can be an effective twist in any type of film. While film history is littered with violent heroes and villains, only the most violent twists left Reddit users speechless.

Fall Out (1993)

If ever a movie was the poster child for the average guy gone crazy, it would be Joel Schumacher’s 1993 hit Falling Down. Letting Michael Douglas’ surprisingly violent vehicle speak for itself, an anonymous user simply wrote “Falling Down” when asked which movie shocked him the most.

Douglas was the perfect choice for the title character, and his sardonic performance begins as a cathartic rant, but eventually takes a dark turn. William Foster’s walk through Los Angeles is a metaphor for how a bad day can trigger someone, and the graphic violence doesn’t stop at the end of the film.

Parasite (2019)

The modern masterpiece that is Parasite is not an easy task to categorize and it gives the audience a healthy dose of suspense to go along with its brilliant mind. As one deleted user noted, “Parasite’s father fits that description perfectly,” and one moment he does have is raw and shockingly violent. »

As the tension builds throughout the film, the party sequence is a sudden burst of violence that reveals subtle comments about class. Ki-taek’s stabbing of his employer comes out of left field and, due to its deliberate nature, feels more violent than all the other gruesome acts. The tight plot twists and brilliant execution of the story helped make Parasite one of the few non-English language films to hit America.

I Saw The Devil (2010)

The best revenge movies are inherently violent, but South Korea’s shocker I Saw the Devil managed to surprise even the most jaded audience. Explaining his unusual reactions, user owl_theory said in reference to the film: “When you realize that he wants revenge and the plot of the film unfolds. »

On the trail of a sadistic serial killer, special agent Kim Soo-hyun lets her emotions get the best of her, and her violent revenge borders on the same sadism as the man she hunts. While the ideas of I Saw the Devil are standard in the detective fiction genre, the overt nature of the violence is what makes the film so memorable.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

Quentin Tarantino has never shied away from using brutal violence in his films, but he’s also a master at using it less and more effectively. Commenting on the Tarantino character’s surprising turn, user SidewaysSender wrote: “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Brad Pitt’s character fits this description! »

Pitt’s character Cliff Booth, who spends most of the film as Rick Dalton’s unassuming sidekick, proves to be a skilled and ruthless fighter as he single-handedly attacks the Manson Family killers. Not only are the actions of the soft-spoken character shocking, but the diversion from the story makes the scene particularly surprising.

Upgrade (2018)

Action in revenge films serves a dual purpose, on the one hand it can be infuriating to see the villains get their reward, but they also explore the destructive nature of violence. Referring to a film that did both effectively, one deleted user wrote, “Boost it up… The violence was so unexpected at one point that I choked on my drink. »

Gray Trace’s quest for revenge in Upgrade starts slow, but eventually explodes into a cacophony of sci-fi violence that feels almost out of place compared to the rest of the film. His implant, known as the STEM, is like a metaphor for all of the character’s worst impulses, driving him to act brutally against his will.

The Guest (2014)

Movies like the dangerous thriller The Guest tell the audience from the beginning that something is lurking, but the way the brutal violence is used is as shocking as the best plot twist in the history of cinema. When asked which character in the movie shocked them the most, trevtennittans replied: “The Guest”… Favorite movie of all time. »

David’s mysterious character isn’t all that great at first, but the film pays off its tension perfectly by rewarding viewers with over-the-top violence. While it is no surprise that the character is capable of such actions, it was the sudden and shocking appearance of the action scenes that left many viewers.

Nobody (2021)

Sometimes violence in a movie is shocking only because it’s done by an actor not known for action-oriented roles. Referring to a movie that is a great example of this, user GazeOfPtolemy wrote: “It’s recent, but no one plays Bob Odenkirk. »

The veteran comedian is best known for his more dramatic turn in Breaking Bad, but no one put him in the driver’s seat and allowed him to be the humble action hero he always should have been. While the action is pretty standard, the visuals of seeing Odenkirk’s ass are stunning and pretty intense for a movie with such a silly premise.

The Godfather (1972)

Often considered one of the best movies ever made, The Godfather has a lot to offer beyond sudden bursts of extreme violence. Nevertheless, one deleted user said, “The Godfather… Michael’s transition from a seemingly innocent war hero… to a brutal and ruthless crime boss was spectacular.” »

The corruption of Michael Corleone is one of the greatest character arcs in film history and sees the character descend into the violent world of the mob. While other shocking twists involve someone hitting or missing a goal, Michael is caught up in a whirlwind of family obligations that drag him back into the fire. Michael’s brutality is especially shocking because of how cool and calculated everything ends up being.

Fight Club (1999)

With a title like Fight Club, it wasn’t surprising that the film was violent, but it still didn’t soften the blow of the protagonist’s sudden downfall. User AfterTowns summed it up well when he said, “Fight Club… The main character… starts out as a depressed insomniac and undergoes a drastic change in character… becoming extremely violent and charismatic.” »

Edward Norton was the perfect choice to play the unnamed character of the Sage, and his physical transformation also comes with a fierce streak. While the character change is overshadowed by the film’s massive ending, it’s still pretty amazing to see Norton step up.

A History of Violence (2005)

Although best known for his body horror films, director David Cronenberg made a thoughtful analysis of power with the release of A History of Violence. User VAGuy62 simply wrote “A history of violence starring Viggo Mortensen” when asked which character in the film had the most exposure to violence.

Proving that the past never dies, Tom Stall is forced to abandon his role as a mild-mannered business owner and return to the violent maelstrom that is his past life. The film quickly establishes Stall’s strange life with a brutally violent scene that sets the tone for the rest of the film.

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